Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Publix Run....

Publix run while at CVS and while at post office mailing my four rebates..(can't wait!). I didn't NEED to go to Publix, but I wanted to take advantage of the produce coupon from Food Lion for $2/$5 produce since Publix takes competitor coupons! While there I see that Kelloggs is on sale B1G1F, I know I have a Strawberry Smart Start $2/1 so I think, yay! However, the Smart is not on sale, BUT there is a peelie coupon on the box for B1G1F on ANY! THEN I see that the ALL BRAN (Kelloggs) strawberry has a Peelie for $1 off ANY milk or yogurt when u buy the Bran. Ok, so I buy the Kelloggs Smart Start for $3.99, get $2/1 and then get b1g1f for the Bran. Because I buy the Bran, I get $1 off any milk, this works because each coupon is for a different product!! In the milk I find a silk soymilk PUMPKIN flavor quart for $1.35 and know my girls will like this treat! I got:
  • Kelloggs Smart Start/Bran for B1G1F & $2 off one = $1.99 for 2 boxes
  • 1 quart of Pumpkin flavored silk soymilk $1.35 minus $1 off any milk = .35
  • 2 JIFFY Pie Crust mixes on clearance for 2/$69 or .35 ea
  • 2 BIG Coffee Mate regular flavor creamers 2/$4 minus $1.25/2 coupon = 2/$2.75
  • 3lbs Bananas for $.69lb = $2.19
  • 1.55lb grapes for $1.99lb = $3.08 minus food lion $2/$5 produce coupon = $3.27 for my produce
  • Total OOP = $9.05 Total savings this trip = $10.24 (in coupons)
  • I saved more than I spent!!
I want to point out that I am a regular shopper trying to cut our grocery bill way down! I don't get double coupons, so I try to take advantage of the b1g1f and coupons together as much as possible. Also, because my store takes competitor coupons, that can mean a good deal too! I don't HAVE to buy Coffee Mate, milk would end up cheaper..but I don't like milk in my coffee!! I did sacrifice by not getting the flavored coffee mate, which I usually buy, but costs more. Instead I can add flavors or use flavored coffee or just sugar and no flavor. Also, I could look up a crust recipe online or in my cookbook, but for only .35 I get a mix that makes TWO crusts with only water! This will be great for making quiche out of our Hickory Farms Hams or Pear Tarts with our Hickory Farms pears!

My goal is to help other Moms/cooks/savers find ways to save money even if you cant get everything for free!! I know some don't have a Publix, or a CVS or whatever..so it isn't always possible to get great deals. My advice is to do your best! Shop the sales, plan your menu around the store sales...not BEFORE the store sales where you are forced to buy something full price. Also, don't be afraid to try new things! It can save you alot of money!

Note: In the pic is my adorable daughter Elizabeth (who is 5) who asked to PLEASE be in the picture.. "Ill stand way over here Mommy so I'm not blocking the stuff you bought!" ADORABLE!!

Tracey C.
$1200 Budget
$1011.46 left in budget


  1. I love your deal spot sign!

  2. I love the deal spot, too! And your daughter is a cute. So glad she didn't block your deals! LOL!

    You don't need to justify anything you buy or don't buy. You are saving a lot of money shopping the way you do and the reason we save money is so we CAN have the occasional splurge! Enjoy your Coffee Mate!

  3. Awwww, Frances! Thanks so much, seriously! Hey, anybody that supports my coffee habit is a friend of mine! :)

    Tracey c.



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