Saturday, January 10, 2009

CVS & Tracey's DEAL SPOT!

I needed to get to CVS to take advantage of the buy $20 worth of J&J and get $10 ECB. I use OB (sort of personal, but there you have it!) and they are NOT cheap, and never on sale. So, with coupons just out in the 1/4/09 RP inserts for $1 and the ECB deal, I was happy! I ended up going to 3 different CVS, they aren't that far apart, but they all were missing SOMETHING on my list and they can ruin your plans! I took a pic and broke down the 3 trips, but I ended up using my $6 ECB to start and ended up with $14 in ECB. I spent $15.42 OOP though. STILL, considering the OB's are usually $6.99-$7.99 a box, and I got 5 boxes PLUS alot of other things, I did GREAT! :) Here's the breakdown:

TRIP ONE: $5.50 Out of Pocket
  • 3 boxes ob tampons ($4.50 & spend $20 get $10ecb) Had $1/1 coupons for each.
  • 3 Glade warmers and oil refills, these were apple cin scent on clearance for $.95 each. I was hoping they would generate the $2 ecb, but they did not!
  • CHECK MY PIC if you want to see what Glade is on clearance from Christmas! These were NOT marked on the shelf and were on a side endcap display!! Both Apple Cin & Vanilla were on clearance at 3 stores, just scan them to check!
  • 2 4pk CVS brand toilet paper ($2.49 & 50% off 2nd for $1.24) I used a $3 off any CVS item for these.
  • A Xmas Carol movie DVD on clearance for my girls $1.75 (should have left it!)
  • Used a $3 off any $15 purchase cvs coupon & used $6 in ecb

  • 2 boxes ob tampons ($4.50 each, had 1 $1/1 coupon left & earned my $10ecb)
  • 1 febreze apple cin candle on clearance $1.99 (had $2/1 coupon!)
  • 2 glade oil vanilla oil refill w/free warmer on clearance $.95 (had a b1g1f coupon)
  • 1 4pk cvs ultra t.p. for $3.29 (used $3 off any CVS brand)
  • Also used $3 off any $15 purchase
  • Received back $10 in ecb for tampons
  • 2 colgate total toothpastes (2/$5 buy 2 get $2 ECB, I also had 2 $1.50/1 coupons)Thanks to my friend Jamy for the heads up on her blog about the IP colgate coupon!
  • 2 boxes of soyjoy $6 each(finally a store that had them! worth $6 ecb each!)
  • 2 boxes CVS brand cheese crackers, b1g150% off (used $3 off $15 cvs coupon)
  • Used my $10 ecb from the ob deal
  • Received $2 ecb for colgate & $12 ecb for soyjoy
Total out of pocket again was $15.42
I still have $14 in ecb to spend.
Check out my goodies! Good deal!! Great deal!

Warmly, Tracey C.
Budget $1200
$1064.08 left in budget


  1. Tracey,
    I like this one : "2 4pk CVS brand toilet paper ($2.49 & 50% off 2nd for $1.24) I used a $3 off any CVS item for these."
    If we do a couple of this, we will have enough toilet paper for the year and we do not have to buy toilet paper any more, LOL.
    I have less expense from you, ha ha ha , no more period anymore, ha ha ha.

  2. I am loving that $3.00 off coupon for snacks, freezer bags, sparkling waters too!

  3. Wow, $1200 for one year! We spend about twice that and I thought that was good LOL. Good luck!

  4. Hi Tracey! In response to your comment you left on my blog regarding my coupon binder: I usually get 4 newspapers on Sunday. My dad is also a newspaper vender so he saves a few sets of inserts for me each week. I only clip and file 4 sets though. I've found 4 to be a good # for me since I don't have alot of room to store my stockpile.

  5. Trina twice $1200 IS GOOD!! It's great! $1200 is a LOFTY goal for our family so thanks for the good luck wishes! :)

  6. Kayatan Ha Ha! Lucky you, one less expense through the year!! And NOTHING is more exciting than FREE TP! LOL!

    Jennifer, thanks for the binder info, you are really organized to get 4 sets clipped each week, that is wonderful!!

    Precious, if I could use just 2 of the $3 CVS coupons every week, all year, I'd be happy! :)

  7. Great shop, Tracey! I am one with less expense, too! I LOVE menopause! LOL!

  8. What are ecbs?

    I only buy the candle thingys if they are absolutely free....because they are "extra" things (ie: not edible), but I have nmanaged to get some free up here with rebates and stacking of coupons. They are such a nice treat.

  9. BCholly, the ecbs are the CVS extra car bucks. These are dollar off coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt, good for anything on your next purhcase (or whenever). CVS often does deals like, buy $20 worth of Unilever products, get $10 ECB. So you spend $20, get the $10 coupon prited on your receipt and use the coupon later on whatever is in the milk, bread, toilet paper, or your NEXT ECB deal. CVS usually has ECB deals weekly in the ads as well as Monthly in a separate booklet. Hope this helps. More ?'s just email me from my front page!
    Tracey C.



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