Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh Publix! It's a GOOD LIFE!

GoodLife Cat food, in our region, is still on sale Wednesday and I have 4 coupons left! That is an extra $4 to use for something else!
Today Trip 1: Publix 34th/NW 39th Ave
  1. 2 PERDUE chicken tenders/nuggets B1G1F $4.39 - $1/1 perdue coupon X 2 coupons
  2. 2 bottles of Green Goodness Bolthouse farms bottles/juice B1G1F $2.69 (we love this!)
  3. 4 bags of GoodLife Cat food B1G1F $4.49 - 4 of the $3/1 coupons (free!!!)
Order TOTAL: $2.16 plus $.61 tax = $2.77 OOP

Trip 2:
Publix on Main/10th ave NW
  1. 4 bags of GoodLife Cat food B1G1F $4.49 - 4 of the $3/1 coupons (free!!!)
  2. Bounty ExtraSoft 1 Roll $1.79 (used Target booklet/home mailer coupon $1/1 any)
  3. Mon Cuisine Kosher chicken breast frozen dinner X 2 only $1 each!
  4. Meal Mart 2lbs of Kosher meatballs (frozen, on clearance!) $1.00!! WOW! But WAIT! It gets better, I then noticed it rang up for $5.99 ..after pointing it out, I got the package for FREE! And to my amazement $5.99 is a $4.50 savings according to my receipt (orig price $10.49 sheesh)That's alot of meatballs for free! Publix has the policy that if it rings up wrong price, you get the item (limit 1 per incident) FREE!
  5. Smaller Cheetos bag (used competitor Target $1/1 cheetos coupon printed from their website) was $1.29 final cost $.29
  6. Deli Drink $1.29, daughter and I were THIRSTY, what a waste huh? :)
Order TOTAL: $2.10 OOP, so all I really paid for was tax and my fountain drink! The overage from the cat food ended up paying for our paper towels, 2 frozen dinners, huge frozen meatball pack and cheetos too! WOW!

Total OOP today: $4.87
( still need to catch up on entering all my receipts for the past 3 weeks, sheesh I'm behind!, when I do, that number will nosedive, but then, I get to add in my Garage Sale profits too! ) I would have taken pics for you, but I can't find our camera!

You know, I love shopping days like this one... It's a GOOD LIFE.


Tracey C.

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