Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More good Mail...

Good mail again... I got notice that my Wags Feb. Rebates were reloaded onto my card. I've been checking, but nice to receive notification of my $77plus rebate. Now I can get the March rebate items on my card! (and some chocolate..errrr, I mean milk)!!

I also received my Gillette rebate in the form of a coupon good for one FREE shampoo, conditioner or styler (mens), nice! I sent for this after getting several shampoos for free after coupons and ECB at CVS.

This coupon and my free Kashi entree will help me get my total up at Publix when I use a $5 off $30 competitor coupon...that is about $8 worth of product or more right there! :) If I add in a NEW mail in rebate (I haven't done Oraganix yet for instance, though I think they are b1g1f at Winn Dixie if I can get over there before the sale ends).

Also..don't forget to check your yellow pages type books for coupons hidden inside! :)

Have fun!
Tracey C.


  1. Tracey,
    Isn't that nice to get back the rebate so quick. I got mine back also and I have spent it already :):)

  2. I think I'm heading out to Walgreens and Target today. I almost had forgotten about the yellow pages coupons and while looking up a number last night rediscovered them.

  3. Treasia, it was a wonderful forgotten source for me!

    Hey Jamy! Quit spending all your money! :) I LOVE getting rebates back quick, it is the rebates that take 6 months that are no fun! :(

  4. Good Job. We are doing the same thing, 1200ayear.



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