Friday, March 6, 2009

More FREE Dove at Walgreens (get paid!)

Walgreens + Dove + Coupons = Free Product & $$$

Transaction #1: Vaseline Rescue lotion, on sale 25% off = $2.69 - $1.50 coupon = $1.38 (taxed) OOP. Got back $2 RR. $.62 PROFIT

Transaction #2:
  1. 1 Gallon Milk- $2.79
  2. 7 travel sized dove deodorants .99 each. Used 3 $1.50/2 manufacturer coupons from 1/18 RP (I would have bought one more but 7 is all they had left)
  3. 1 bar of dove regular sized soap $1.59 (use the Wags in ad $.99 coupon, I FORGOT!! had kids with me!) GOT BACK $10 RR for buying 8 Dove products! $8.52 (w/out tax) minus $4.50 in coupons = $4.02 cost = $5.98 PROFIT. Would have been higher if I used the in ad coupon!
  4. 2 Sambucol cld & flu $12.99 - $10/1 Easy Saver Q (wags rebate booklet) - two $4/1 printable Sambucol coupons. $2.02 overage as they took off full amount of manufacturer coupons. PROFIT
  5. Nutrisse H/C on clearance $3.19. Used a $2/1 Garnier man. coupon AND the $2/1 ES Q and got $.81 overage toward total. PROFIT
  6. Vaseline Lotion Cocoa Butter 10oz $2.69 (on sale- $1.25/1 man coupon (1/18 RP) (get back $2 RR)
  7. Colgate Max Fresh t/p 6 oz sale $3.29 (get back $3.50 RR) no coupon on this
  8. Colgate Advance Total (w/bonus trial size tp) 4oz $3.49- $2.50/1 ES Q & $1/1 man. Q (from Publix Health booklet) FREE
  9. HEY! She charged me TWICE for MILK!! See! I don't pay close attention with kids with me and a line of people behind me! That is $2.79 they need to refund me, and $.60 I didnt get for my dove soap! EEEEK!!! OK..OK...OK.. lets move on!
I used a $6 Catalina Coupon and my total OOP was $6.92. I got back $15.50 in Catalina coupons. I will get back another $2.79 for my milk! (humph!) So my REAL OOP for this transaction is $4.13 considering I didn't buy 2 milks!! I also like to consider my Catalinas used as I used $10.13 to pay and got back $ I made an increase of $5.37 + $.62 from 1st transaction = $5.99!!! ALL that great product for FREE (including my milk!) and a profit on top of that! ALSO I discovered that one of my Publix stores TAKES catalina as a competitor coupon! So I can directly translate my savings to my grocery bill! Awesome!!!

So, TOTAL OOP (for both transactions) is $5.51
Tracey C.
$659.42 left in budget


  1. Tracey,
    Great job.
    I too went to Walgreens and got back 16 bars of soap.
    Are you able to use the catalina and do the next purchase and get back catalina again ?
    Now I have $20 catalina and I am thinking of using it at Publix, I hope they take it :).

  2. I prefer to shop without the kids too.

  3. Jamy, YES! Our Publix WILL take the Catalina, I have used them twice now! I love it! Earn extra money at Wags, use it at Publix, wonderful! :)

    Elle-tn MUCH easier without the kids! They are fun, but very distracting! :)

  4. Great Job... I don't have a Walgreens around here!! But I still love reading your blog.. Ü
    Thanks for your encouraging words!!

  5. WOW this blog is incredible. I just found it and I will be following it!

    Thank you!

  6. Thanks FlipFlopMom and Jenn! Nice to see you here and thanks for the support! :) Sooo many good deals right now!
    Warmly, Tracey C.



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