Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FREE Reach Toothbrushes, floss and Listerine at Walgreens

Quick update (ended up not so quick with Catalina lesson below) for those that aren't aware of this deal at Walgreens this week..look on the back page of your flyer for details or go to Walgreens.com and view weekly flyer that way (last page).

Here is the deal per the Walgreens Website/Ad:
The more you ADD the more plaque you SUBTRACT
• Ultraclean Toothbrush or Floss, 30 yds.
• 2 pack Advanced Design Toothbrushes
• Original, Fresh Burst, Cool or Vanilla Mint Mouthwash, 500 ml.

save with register rewards®*

Sale Price 3/$9 - Register Rewards* Good on Next Purchase $6 = Like Paying 3/$3

*Limit 1 coupon printed per offer. See coupon for exclusions, limitations and expiration.buy any 3 of these products
Buy 3 for $9... please USE the coupon from this past Sunday in the Smart Source coupon insert (3/15/09) for $3 off these 3 products (must buy one of each) to get your total to $6. You will then pay $6 plus tax and will get back a $6 Register Reward. Free (or almost free, you pay tax)

Register Reward: This is a coupon that prints from that little gray box next to the register called a Catalina machine. The catalina coupons are also called register rewards, or RR's for short. You can use the RR's for anything in the store! (except a few legal no- nos like lottery, gift cards, cigs, alcohol, etc.). I like to use them to get more new deals, this is called "rolling" the register rewards. Actually, the true definition of rolling means to use the register reward to do the same deal again and again, therefore never having to pay out of pocket for a new deal. This is no longer something people can do. For instance, if you try to use your $6 to buy more reach/listerine, you will NOT get a new $6 RR. You CAN do the deal more than once, but you must pay with cash, gift card, whatever. You CANNOT do the deal more than once in a SINGLE transaction. So, if you buy SIX of the items, you will not get TWO of the RR's!!! You can ring up 3, get a $6 RR, and ring up 3 more and (pay with something other than that $6 RR!!) get an additional RR.

Also note, if you are doing another Catalina offer/deal, like the buy 8 dove products (full size) get $10 RR, you MAY use THAT RR for paying for a different deal.

Here's the scenario:
I buy 8 dove single bars of soap (on sale 25% off this week) for $1.19 each. I pay $9.52 plus $.64 tax for a total cost of $10.16. I get a $10 RR on the spot, from the machine. I then go back inside or back on a different day..whatever. I then buy 3 of the Reach/listerine products for $9. I use my $3/3 coupon (or others, see list) and owe $6. I want to use my $10 RR, so I add items to my cart to get to $10 after my coupons.. I add milk $3 for 2 half gallons (sale) and one clearance speed stick deodorant for $1.19. (speed stick has a buy one get a $1 RR deal this week too, and some are on clearance for for $1.09 - $1.69!!) My total is just over $10 before tax. I use my $10 RR and pay the difference (say $.65, I'm just throwing figures here) OOP out of pocket for tax and such. My NEW $6 RR prints out!!

Do not leave without it! If it doesn't print, do not leave! Be prepared to get that RR, it is an advertised deal and they must honor it! Sometimes the machine doesn't work, sometimes it is out of paper.. sometimes it takes a couple of seconds after the cashier opens/shuts the drawer. Some cashiers are not familiar with Catalina and will tell you it won't print if you use coupons.. this is NOT true! This is ONLY applicable if you use a RR from the deal you are trying to do to pay for the SAME deal again.. this will not work and you will not get a new register reward. BUT if you are paying with any other RR or cash and manufacturers coupons, you WILL/should get your RR!! I know this is true and I have done these Catalina deals many, many times!!! You CAN use coupons with these offers! Many of the flyers will even have a little "note" on their ad that you should "check sunday paper for additional coupons" and it is right in the deal window on the flyer!!!
Ok, that is the lesson for the day. I hope you can get in on the reach deal, even more than once this week and get your family some good dental tools for months to come.
You can find coupons for these products in the past Sunday paper Smart Source insert:

Reach Floss and Reach Toothbrush and Listerine Antiseptic $3/3 SS 3/15
Reach Floss and/or Reach Toothbrush and/or Listerine Antiseptic $1.50/2 SS 3/15
Reach Floss or Toothbrush or Listerine .50 SS 3/15

these additional coupons you can use:

Reach Toothbrush or Ultraclean Dental Floss or Efferdent 76 ct or lrgr $1 RP 2/8
Listerine 500 ml+ or 24ct+ PocketPaks .50 RP 2/8

Remember, Walgreens deal. The price is 3 items for $9. You will get $6 back. So your cost, without any coupons, is $3 for 3 items!! A good deal! Coupons will make this deal cheaper or free, depending on what you have!!! Good luck and happy shopping!

Tracey C.


  1. Great job explaining all that.

  2. Great Blog! I just nominated you for an award. Check it out here: http://dealsquealer.blogspot.com/2009/03/lemonade-award.html

  3. You have been given the Honest Scrap Award!! Check out the post on my blog!

  4. Wow Tracy this is quite the blog. Very well done. I just notices a comment you left on my blog from like a month ago and I thought I would stop by and see how your challenge is going.
    Have a blessed week.



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