Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cheap Powerbar at Walgreens! FREE DOVE!

Today at Walgreens I found an unadvertised Catalina (at least in my area) deal on Powerbar, later I found one of those tags that shows a Catalina deal underneath the Powerbars, but this was another store. Apparently, if you buy 3 powerbars you get a $1 RR at checkout. The reason I discovered this was because the Smoothie bars were on clearance for $.47 and I thought I'd grab a few for my husband to have on hand at work. Not realizing there was a Catalina deal, and not realizing you needed to buy 3 to get the RR, I got lucky! So, for $.47 + $.47 + $.47 = $1.41 - $1.00 RR = final adjusted cost is $.41 for 3! Now I need to see if I can find some coupons!

Look for the orange clearance stickers..and if your store doesn't have them, maybe get a price check to see. Both stores I shopped at had the bars marked at clearance price, one in Orange, one in Strawberry (smoothie kind only), but at one store they rang up full price. Because they were marked, it was not a problem sorting it out, but keep your eyes open when they are ringing up clearance items! I am posting a photo to show you the bars.

Also included is the SUPER DOVE SOAP deal!

Haven't heard? Dove bars are only $.99 each with in ad coupon (weekly circular)! Great price you say? Well, how about this? I got 8 bars for about $8 and got back $10 RR!! If you can buy 8 of them, you will get back a $10 RR from DOVE!! WOW! Now, you may not get all 8 at the $.99 cent price because the store states a LIMIT OF 4 at this price, but the coupon will take the amount off of all 8. If your store sets a limit, tell them you would like to get 8 anyway, even if 4 are full price (I think $1.59?) because for around $11 or so dollars (prices may vary) you get 8 bars of soap and $10 back! So worth it! If you haven't done this, don't be surprised though if you YOUR STORE SELLS OUT of the single bars! 8 is alot! Anyway, I found one store with around 12 in stock and another with 0. The $10 will work with shampoo/cond/styler too I think, but those are full price at my store for $4.49 or more and not worth it~ Even with the $1.50/1 Unilever coupons. Maybe next week..

Also, I did some Publix/Wags shopping for other things.. $.20 poptarts, more Smart Start Cereal b1g1f (my hubbies favorite) and a free 4pack danactives..some bulk onions on sale, and I SPLURGED on Doritos (b1g1f), some whipped cream cheese, some sushi and some treats for the girls. I did several store runs but will just put my new balance..too tired to add all the details! I did buy another rebate item to mail in. Not my best day of shopping for sure, but I did get some great deals!

Tracey C.
$664.93 left in budget


  1. You can also buy the trial size Dove deodorants for .99 for the Dove deal. There are man. coupons for the Dove deodorant and they are for any size.

  2. Tiffany, yes I had read this and I had utilized it, I am glad that you told me though, because I ALWAYS want to know if something works that is cheaper!! So thanks! I hope you scored some good deals!
    Warmly, Tracey C.



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