Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swiffer Sweeper Great Deal @ Target

Wow! I had to share this deal with all of you great readers. If you have been wanting to get the Swiffer Sweeper, now is a GREAT time... here's why. I had cut out my $2/1 Swiffer sweeper from my Homemade Simple (P&G coupon booklet) because I also had a coupon for buy the swiffer, get a FREE pack of refills pads (wet or dry) from the P&G Sunday insert on 2/8.

I almost bought this at Publix, the sweeper was $14.99 and it would get my total up so I could use a $5 off competitor coupon, making it $7 off with my man coupon..but I thought I would wait. I'm glad I did!

I found the Sweeper on sale at Target 2 days ago for $8.99 - $2 coupon = $6.99. I then was trying to decide which refills to get, wet or dry (I chose wet) and noticed the bigger pack (24 wet cloths) had the lovely lavender vanilla scent I love so much with Febreze. Well, that was surely not included... I studied the coupon and guess what? There is NO MAXIMUM dollar amount listed! That's right! Usually on a free product it says something like, "Free up to a maximum of $4.99 (or whatever" But this coupon has no such limits. Well, the big 24 pack of the wet cloths was $8.49 so I threw it in my cart and headed up front. There, I asked the cashier what SHE thought of the coupon..and she said, no limit stated, no limit! (MAN, I should have gotten the HUGE 40 count BOX of wet refills for $12.99!!!). I was so happy! No problems entering it, then it said.. no item scanned for this coupon..she just put it through. I don't know if that meant it wasn't supposed to use a big size, or because it cannot know which product you will pick it does not "attach" to any one product and is a normal prompt that doesn't cause problems. BUT, the coupon definitely does NOT specify a size or price limit. In any event, it is a great deal, so don't miss it! I got both for only $6.99 plus tax! I'm sure you can probably print something online too for the sweeper kit... See my pic and enjoy your savings!

Tracey C.


  1. To Target I must go! Thanks for the hot tip! I'm reposting on my blog and linking back to ya. (Oh and I'll be getting the 40 pack, lol)

  2. HeatherMama! How'd it go? Did you get the BIG pack???? I hope so!



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