Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CHEAP Huggies Diapers @ Walgreens!!!

Have you heard? Do you have a child in diapers? Do you have 2? Maybe even 3 or more? Then listen!

Walgreens is having a sale on Huggies Diapers for $10 (sizes/type vary, see ad for details). You can print out $5 and $3 coupons
HERE. Once you print, hit the back button on your browser and print again, or just go back and click those coupons and print again..you can print twice. Do you have 2 printers? You should be able to print twice from each printer. Does Mom or Dad or Best friend (without a kid in dipes) have a printer? Ask them to print these for you also, TWICE each!

Now, you need to spend $25 on huggies diapers and/or wipes (see ad for details) and you will then get the register's catalina coupon machine to print out a $10 RR. (like instant rebate or cash back, but you must usually spend it in Walgreens, unless a store near you takes them as competitor coupons, like some Publix do).

So, you can buy 3 packs at $10 each or $30 total, use the printable $5 coupon (maybe 3 times) and $30 - $15 = $15 get back $10 RR = 3 pack of diapers as low as $5!!! Or you may only be able to use the $3 coupon for the diapers you need (the coupons are for different types), then $30 - $9= $21 - $10 RR coupon back = $11 cost or $3. 67 or so each pack! Of course, you can mix and match diapers and wipes to get to $25, then various appropriate coupons, then get $10 back in RR. You can do the deal AGAIN, but DO NOT USE THE $10 RR to PAY!! This will prevent the machine from printing a NEW $10 coupon. So use gift cards, or other RR (like the $2 vaseline lotion, or $3.50 colgate RR) to pay.

Again, you can do multiple deals, ONLY 1 at a time, Do not pay with Huggies RR or a new coupon will not print!!!

Go on! Go get some cheap diapers!!! Hurry before the printable Huggies coupon is gone!

PS_ if you miss the Walgreens deal this week, you can still use that coupon for great deals! Use it with a Babies R Us coupon (they take a store & a manufacturer coupon together), or at Target for one of their gift card deals...etc. It's a great coupon to print... You can even buy diapers for a baby shower!!!

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