Monday, March 2, 2009

FREE Walgreens Stuff!! FREEEEE!!!

Walgreens. Free Stuff. I like! I must say, it was a total MESS though! Sigh!
But, lest I complain about my great deal and wonderful savings, I must praise the wonderful employees at the Walgreens I went to! Miss Liz was AMAZINGLY patient and nice (my cashier) and Mr. Edward was exceedingly pleasant to deal with and helped me by solving my problems quickly and with a smile. How REFRESHING! How nice! Plus, it was not their fault I had issues! It was partially mine, partially the ads posted on the shelves, but here it is:

I bought several things. The REACH toothbrush must be the new one, it was not, but there were coupons taped over the price/description and over the two rows of toothbrushes, so I ASSUMED they were the right one. This was Problem #1. Hair color for the Loreal Match, shows a coupon underneath the boxes for $2/1 using the ES coupon. I could NOT find an easy saver coupon for this product. I looked, the cashier looked, mr. manager looked. NOPE. Finally, he just told her to adjust the price to reflect a $2 savings. Problem #2. BLINK eye drops/tears had the same sale stickers over the tags for 2 rows of products, so I just looked at pics in ad. Mistake. I picked up the bonus box, as it was marked on sale and with RR. I was NOT. NO RR PRINTED. Problem #3. Of course, 2 problems not discovered until I was checking out, RR one once I was done and had to go back in!

Look at the pics! I got all that you see pictured for $22.58. Which seemed high. I saw that I was charged $14.99 for the BLINK, because it was the wrong product! I took it back inside and Mr. Edward found that they had NO product that matched. SO, he said, I'll fix it and exchange it and give you a coupon anyway. OK>>>> Not sure what he was gonna do, but he exchanged the big for the small (not the right one) and I was refunded $7.50 CASH. So $22.58-$7.50 = $15.08 OOP for this shop.

  • 2 BIG bags Hershey Mixed/Assort 2/$7 -$3/2 ESC-$2/2 Manufacturer Q SS 1/25
  • Disney Water Color Paintset (now we have 2!) $1.59 clearance
  • Blink Tears (bonus pack of 2 .05oz) $14.99 WRONG one! Exchanged for smaller (still wrong), got back $7.50 and received the $8 RR which the manager had to key in. Left w/out the blink! But whatever, I think I still got my $2/1 amount off my check so I'll get some blink later! $2/1 RP 3/1 and $8 RR
  • Nice/Easy Perfect 10 Haircolor clearanced $3.59 used $5/1 coupon from P&G, which they adjusted to $3.59, free
  • Mylanta Ultra Mint 12oz clearanced to $1.89 FREE with $2/1 ESC
  • Balsam 600 haircolor clearance $1.29 used P&G clairol $2/1 any
  • Nutrisse h/c clearance $3.19, $2/1 ESC (booklet) and RP 2/8 $2/1 Garnier
  • Colgate Max $3.29 (get $3.50 RR) used $.75/1 SS 2/22
  • Colgate Total w/bonus on sale $3.49, used ESC (booklet) $2.50/1 and $1/1 Publix Health flyer coupon (manufacturer coupon, not a publix coupon) = free
  • Sambucol $12.99, used $10/1 ESC and $4/1 from printable
  • Vaseline INtensive Care 10oz lotion sale $2.69 used $1.50/1 RP 1/18 & got back $2 RR (only can do ONE of these at a time,a nd if you pay with the register reward you earn, you will not get a new one! Pay a different way if you want to do the deal more than once!)
  • Reach Ult Clean toothbrush (wrong one) $3.49, price adjusted to the $.99 in ad coupon price, got 3 for $.99 and used 3 of the $1/1 RP 2/8 coupons
  • 24:7 energy drink 2/$3 got two no sale for hubby
  • Loreal Natural Match 7W clearance $4.19 price adjusted to $2.19 couldnt find ESC, and used a $2/1 RP 3/1 any natural match Q
  • BIC mechanical pencil (HAD A PEELIE TMF rebate on it!) Added this in because I'm doing all the rebates for free products I can items are fun!! $4.99 and will mail in. I did not do any Wags rebate items on this receipt, so I can use it to mail in for my pencil!
Ok, after ALLLLLL that, including my $7.50 refund back, I spent $15.08 OOP AND I used one $6 RR from the Gillette Gamer/Fusion razor deal last week. I got back $8 RR (blink), $3 RR (I have no idea!!), $3.50 RR and a $2 RR (vaseline), and also my $4.99 Free after Rebate Bic. So I come out with $16.50 RR's and $4.99 cash rebate, about a .50 profit which will be eaten by my rebate stamp. So, ALL FREE!!!!WOW WOWOW WOWOW!! Whoo Hoo! I didn't even MEAN to do this, I just attract the freebies! :)

Ok, so let's discover what the unknown $3 RR was for. Perhaps the Mylanta? It says, thanks from McNeil-PPC, Inc. Let me go look. Ok, I was wrong, this was from the REACH toothbrushes! I got the wrong ones for the ad price (they were priced/tagged wrong), they price adjusted, and I got them free, I didn't realize there was a deal, but in the ad it says buy 3, get $3 RR. Solved!

Tracey C.
$724.76-$15.08 OOP= $709.68 left in budget!

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