Friday, March 27, 2009


Thanks to Who Said Nothing in Life is FREE? blog for posting about a printable GoodLife coupon! Whoo Hoo!!! It's worth $3!!

You can print it twice! Just hit your back button on your browser. You TOO can do the deal this week!

Go here:

Enjoy your savings! (see post below for entire deal on the B1G1F cat food at Publix this week)


  1. wow,,, this is great. i just printed 4 of the $3 coupons. I went to publix, bought 4 bags of cat food BOGO and used the 4 coupons... I actually made 75 cents per bag and used it to pay for my oncle's bean rice BOGO with $1 off coupon... I love the challenge and I was amazed because I got grocery worth 49.42 dollars for 6.34.. I was amazed so were customers in line behind me.. I dont have cats but will donate the food because i made money just by using the coupons...

  2. Yay Anonymous! That's the spirit! Don't push aside a freebie just because you can't use it! Pet shelters are really struggling right now, just like many families. They need donations constantly, so donating free pet food it a wonderful thing to do, and you are right make money doing it, so why not? :) Glad you had a great experience, Publix is a GREAT store to shop at!
    Warmly, Tracey C.

  3. OK.. I am the same anonym... I cama back homa, printed 4 more cat food coupons and two contessa coupons for $2 off each ( contessa is BOGO this week) and two more onlce ben;s rice coupons..
    Got my 4 bags of cat foor, two contessa dinners enough for two night and 4 oncle ben's rice for a total of 3.49. the cat food paid for the rice and took another 50 cents off the contessa (two meals)..
    I love it.. Thank you for the great site and the great offers



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