Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walgreens and FREE Soleil Shavers!!!

Hot tip on the Bic Soleil Shavers being on clearance for $3.59. Maybe!

Use the Easy Saver $2/1 coupon in the monthly booklet AND use the manufacturer coupon for $2/1 found SS 3/15 insert. You could get overage on this. Give the man. coupon first, then the Wags. Beware though! I got 2 kinds of soleil systems...I had the cashier scan the pink one (shimmer) and it WAS on clearance, as I was told it might be for $3.59. So I got 6, but 2 of them were ORANGE boxes/packages. Well, I should have scanned them to check..but didn't. They rang up as $5.29 on sale. Now, $1.29 isn't a bad price for the razor, but it isn't free so I was not quite happy. I looked my receipt over because something was off (price too high), but didn't want to go over with that checker as he is NOT friendly and it is a huge hassle to ask him to even take something off. I know, I know, just DO it! :) Anyway, apparently the Walgreens $2 coupon only came off of TWO of the razors, the orange ones! It did NOT come off the pink ones at all, though they are BOTH Soleil razor systems. Hmmm, so instead of getting them free (or with overage), I was not even given the coupon amount on FOUR of them!


I will take care of this by returning the razors, and if it is a good cashier, I may attempt to re-ring the sale price ones. If not, I will just get a refund because it is not worth paying $1.29 and $1.59 for all of the razors (not with my budget so restricted anyway). I'll try to update you on it, but the deal MAY work for you! Just try it like this perhaps... one razor at a time, and make sure it is scanning at the clearance price (if you want it free). If it is a good deal for you to get it for $1.59 (witout the $2 Wags coupon), or for $1.29 (with both coupons and reg price on razor), then go ahead!!!! It's still a good deal! Just make sure if you want it free that the Wags coupon scans for that pink shimmer one! See pics for reference.

I also got some Trident on sale for $.32, $.32 and Wrigley mult. pack for $.67. Will update budget once I know my final amount.


Tracey C.

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