Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break!

Hi there friends! Just a quick note to let you all know that my girls are currently on Spring Break! Soo... I have been relaxing and just hanging out with them..not doing much worthy of savings blogging! Hope you are all saving tons and keeping up with the good deals!

If you need some recent goodies, check out my friend Jamy's blog HERE for some great coupon resources, fun savings photos and good solid shopping advice!

Want to be amazed at a really cool family that has a crazy budget of only $800 a year? It's true! Just take a peek at Jane4Girls HERE and see how they have done this for 2 years and are working on year number three on this budget! Crazy!

Want to be inspired to laugh and love on a ranch size scale? Ride on over to The Pioneer Woman's blog HERE. I am in total amazement of her! Once a total city girl, she marries a rancher man and settles in for a new life..but she lets us join in! She homeschools her kids, feeds the ranch and looks darn good doing it! She rocks the Ranching world, the Photography world and the Cooking world too! You must go see her! BUT, be warned, you may not leave for 2 or 3 days! (I warned you!)

Ta Ta for now!!!
But don't forget, save and have fun doing it!

In the words of Dr. Seuss, that is, if his coupon clipping Mom coined some of his memorable book lyrics..
If you don't use coupons, you SHOULD! These things save you money, and SAVING MONEY is GOOD!

Tracey C.


  1. Where have you been? I miss your posts and totals. Have you given up?

  2. Hey Frugal! NO! I haven't given up! I am just SOOO behind! I have all my receipts, just need to tally (ho!) them up! I guess I got too happy when I sold $150 at my stockpile yardsale and maybe flipped out shopping a little too much. I'm still here, thanks for noticing. I'm trying to post some interesting things until I get back to my photos and totals. :) Hope you are well!
    Warmly, Tracey C.



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