Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free? Toothbrushes, Shaving Cream & Hair Bands @ Walgreens!

Walgreens has some pretty screamin' free deals with the sweet Catalina machine this week. Many items are free after you purchase because you get that amount back in a register reward (RR) coupon after you pay. You can use a RR you get for a toothbrush to pay for shaving gel or hairbands, thereby rolling your purchases, sort of. Just remember that you must purchase AT LEAST the amount on the RR, and you have to pay tax. Here's what I'm getting this week, and if you want more deals on Wags this week, please see for amazing match ups and deals!
  1. Purchase the Colgate Max Fresh toothbrush $3.29, and get a $3.50 RR (thanks HERE)colgate $1 coupon HERE, must sign up. Use this to get $1 off your Colgate Max Fresh toothbrush (also in the 3/29 SS insert for $.75/1) and make a PROFIT! You can do this deal multiple times, even without a coupon (to get it for free plus tax), just DON'T use the RR coupon to pay for the purchase, or a NEW RR coupon won't print out!
  2. Purchase the 18 count pack of scunci (the elastic hair bands in multiple colors, find these in the hair care isle) for $2 and get a $2 RR
  3. Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99 and get a $3 RR OR purchase the Edge Shave Gel in the infused/energy ONLY for $2.99 and get a $3 RR. You can pick one or the other, but can't buy both the Edge and Skintimate at the same time and get two RR. You cannot pay for Edge with the Skintimate RR, or the reverse, or a new one won't print out.
  4. Fiber Choice 10 ct. Tablets. $2.49 and get $2.49 Register Rewards
Here's one scenario for how you can do this. Buy: Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99
scunci 18 ct $2
colgate max fresh toothbrush $3.29

subtotal: $8.28

use this coupon:
-$1 Colgate Max Fresh
toothbrush (must sign up)

Total=$7.28 + tax (tax amounts vary)

You will then receive the following RR's:

$3 rr Skintimate Shave Gel or Edge infused/energy shaving gel (april rr)
$3.50 colgate max fresh/max white toothbrush (4/12-4/18)
$2 rr Scunci Elastics 18 pack (

You can then use, for example, the $3 RR to buy the next colgate max toothbrush in a seperate transaction if you wish, add another $1 printable colgate coupon and any item over $.71 (total must exceed or meet the coupons value). Lots of Easter clearance, Big Roll toilet paper is 2 for $1, etc. You will pay tax, then you will get a NEW RR for $3.50. You can then use this to buy the shaving cream.... etc. Or, use the $2 RR and the $3.50 RR to get the $2.49 fiber choice and the $2.99 shaving cream... you will need to add a SMALL item, like one of the mailing envelopes for $.33 with in ad coupon, or a pencil.. your total before adding something will be $5.48 and your coupons = $5.50. You only need an additional $.02.... Just an example, your math may come up with some much better scenarios! Don't be shy, you can share them with us here in the comments!

ALSO! The coffee-mate is on sale
at Wags this week 2 for $3 ($1.50 each)... if you print out a $1.50 or $1.00 coupon at coffee-mate HERE, you can get it cheap or FREE! That's what I'm talking about!

I hope this helps you all find some great deals this week at Walgreens! A great time to stock up on toothbrushes for FREE for your family and shaving cream. Get enough so you don't have to buy any more this year! You can use the hair bands for yourself, or save as stocking stuffers! We use 100's of these a year! No, really. :) I'll be posting my results at the end of the week with some fun pictures! Happy Shopping!

Warmly, Tracey C.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Coffeemate! I didn't know that one! :)

  2. Jennifer, I aim to please! :)



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