Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Look to Blog

Well, I thought I'd try this new look/format. It is wider on the page. Tell me what you think! Do you like the old blog look or this new one better? Thanks!


  1. I like your new look! It is good to start fresh and new in the spring. I have had that itch for several months now. I live in Maine and sometimes I think winter lasts all year here!

  2. I like the old look better, it was more cozy and warm. the new look will not stop me from reading though.

  3. New to all this. What is RR, etc.?

  4. It looks great! Easy to read!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! I think I will wait a few more days to see how others like it.

    Andi, I thought the other felt more cozy too, but I thought this one "read" faster, easier to view the posts quicker as it isn't as narrow. Not sure which will win!

    Anonymous, many of the terms may be new to you if you are new to couponing. I try to explain the terms often in my posts, but not everytime as this becomes repetitive for many readers who know the "lingo." In this case, I think I might have explained it, but the short answer is that RR is the coupon that prints out of the catalina machine, next to the register. This coupon is called a register reward, or RR for short. The coupons vary per offer. Many RR deals are like instant rebates. You buy an item for X dollars and get the exact amount back in RR. It's great! A RR is like cash for that store. You can use it on your NEXT purchase to buy anything (save a few restricted items like lottery and liquor) you want. Go back and read the post and you will see the deal better! Thanks.

  6. Tracey,
    I like the new look, but I personally like the old better. It was easier to read..not sure why. Anyway, just wanted to give my opinion. Julie



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