Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great TARGET Deals Right Now!

Thanks so much to Deal Seeking Mom! She has listed some amazing deals at Target going on right now! You can print out most of these coupons and head over to Target and get some GREAT deals! Don't forget to check their online ad for some Easter goodies for the kids' baskets.. like grass stuffing for only $.25! Eggs (the real ones!) for $.99 and fillable plastic eggs 12ct for only $.65!!

Some of these deals are at Target for this week and some beyond! I have indicated the deals according to Deal Seeking Mom's blog, and the credit to the "finders" of those deals as well. Thanks guys!

Hershey’s Bliss Chocolate, $2.99
$1/1 Hershey’s Bliss printable
$1/1 Hershey’s Target printable exp. 6-6-09
Only $0.99 after coupons!

ALL Laundry Detergent, $3.99 to $4.49
$1/1 ALL Laundry printable
$2/1 ALL Laundry printable (If you got in on Monday! And I did NOT!)
$1/1 ALL Laundry Target printable exp. 6-6-09
$1.99, but as low as $0.99 after manufacturer and Target coupons if you got that great $2 Q! (Thanks, Stretching a Buck!)

Eggo Frozen Waffles, $1.87
$0.75/1 Eggo Frozen Product, exp. 5-31-09 (V 4/5/09)

$1/2 Eggo Waffles Target printable exp. 4-11-09 $0.62 ea. after 2 manufacturer coupons and Target coupon! (Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)

Suave Deodorant (trial size), $0.97
$0.75/1 Suave Deodorant (RP 3/29/09)
$0.22 after coupon!
(Thanks, A Thrifty Mom!)

Pop-Secret Popcorn (small boxes), $1.49
$1/1 Pop Secret Target printable exp. 4-11-09 $0.50/2 Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn, exp. 4-19-09 (SS 3/8/09) $0.25 ea. after manufacturer and Target coupons!

Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $1.57
$0.50/1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights, exp. 5-30-09 (SS 4/5/09) $1/2 Warm Delights Target printable exp. 4-25-09 $0.57 ea. after 2 manufacturer coupons and Target coupon!

Please visit Deal Seeking Mom HERE to find more great Target Deals and printable coupons!


  1. how do you used more then 1 coupon per item? Most of the coupons say limit one coupon per purchase. I think in this area they are very careful about reading the coupons to make sure that you aren't getting away with something like that.

  2. Amoora, you can use a Target store coupon WITH a manufacturers coupon. It isn't "getting away" with anything as it is actually in the store policy to accept both. Target uses it's own coupons as a type of sale price, they do not get reimbursed for these coupons, and anyone can use them. The manufacturer Q's are from the product companies and they reimburse Target for the full amount of the coupon, plus a handling fee (usually $.08). This is why Target takes both. You are using the Man. Q to "pay" for part, or all of your purchase for an item. For instance, if Cheetos are $3.49 and you use a Target coupon for $1/1, it is like a sale that is only available to people who know where to find the coupons. (on their website at By ALSO using a Man. Q for $1 off 1 or $1/1, you get an additional $1 off. This gives you a total of $2 off the product. They will get back the $1, so it is like paying in cash, sort of. It involves more work for the company, but that is why each coupon also pays a handling fee. When a Man Q says ONE PER PURCHASE, they mean you cannot use more than one of their coupons for each item you purchase. They do not care if Target gives you an additional dollars/cents off, because they are not paying for it, Target is. I hope this clears that up a bit. If you want to be sure for yourself, just call Target corporate and ask them to email you their coupon policy. If they say they don't have one, ask for their specific rules on taking a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon. Hope this helps!
    Warmly, Tracey C.



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