Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Publix Trip and how to maximize your savings!

Hello friends! Bought just a couple of things at Publix a couple of days ago, but wanted to share one of my shopping strategies for lowering my shopping trip costs. Here are a couple of things to remember about Publix:
  1. They take competitor coupons as well as manufacturer and internet coupons. (at mine)
  2. The store has excellent produce, is very clean, and well stocked for sales & otherwise!
  3. If an item rings up for wrong price, you get that item (only 1 per incident!) FREE!
  4. Employees (in my experience at all 6 of our local Publix) are very friendly!
Now, a local Walgreens just opened. This means there was a $3 off $10 purchase coupon in the ad, good only at the NEW Wags. However, Publix takes competitor coupons. I only needed to have a total of $10 in products BEFORE coupons to take advantage of this savings!

**NOTE:I also like to purchase a rebate item for times like this. It gets my total higher to take advantage of a coupon.. like a $5 off $50 or something similar, then I get that money back. If I need to get to $10 to use my Wags $3/$10 coupon, I can add an item that I can mail in for a rebate..it counts toward my "total" but I get that amount back later! Also, use a coupon whenever possible with a mail in rebate to possibly earn more money or cover postage.

There are several rebates I need to do before the months end. The Reynolds recycled foil try me free (I printed this on Earth Day from their website) and it must be done by May 4. The Sargentos TMF salad toppers/potato finishers rebate AND coupon from the S 3/15 insert (look for blinkie coupons also at Publix and other stores) and the Kelloggs All Bran 10 day promise rebate printed online. You should be able to find the Kelloggs one by doing a google (or swagbucks to earn bucks!) search. The Sargentos was printed in the insert and you have a couple days left to do it. Just remember to only buy ONE mail in rebate item per transaction.. because you have to send in the receipt!

So, I purchased the Reynolds for $2.99. I used a $1/1 any reynolds coupon from S 3/15 insert. My total towards my $10 was now $2.99 (before coupons). I added a knox gelatin product for $1.39 (had a coupon good for $4/1 from RP 3/15 insert, no overage this time, but good toward my total). Total $4.38. Purchased Almond Breeze milk 1/2 gallon for $2.50, used $.75/1 coupon, up to $6.88. Purchased TWO Juicy Juice immunity and brain New juices for 2/$4 and used two $1/1 coupons. Total now $10.88 and I can stop. But not sure if I can get overage for my knox coupon.. so I keep going, but I could have stopped here. I found McCormick extract on clearance table last time for $.99 and remembered to bring my $1/1 coupon from RP 3/15 insert. total to $11.87. Added a bag of whole wheat pitas to the mix for $1.29..total is now $13.16. Last minute I added 3 papers for $1.50 each (needed more coupons and no time to shop the newspaper boxes, it was evening). Sigh! So, my total is now $17.66.

$17.66 Minus $3/$10 Wags coupon
$14.66 Minus $2 in juicy juice coupons
$12.66 Minus McCormick completely because it rang up wrong and I got it FREE!
-.99 No coupon needed after all!
$11.67 Minus $.75/1 almond milk coupon
$10.92 Minus $1.39 knox coupon
$9.53 Minus $1.00 Reynolds coupon
$8.53 Plus tax
+ .51
total is $9.04 OOP (0ut of pocket)

Will get back $2.99 from rebate
= $6.05 for a savings of $13.90 off my purchased items!

FREE: Reynolds (after rebate), Knox gelatin, McCormick extract. Only $6 final cost for the other 7 items. Pretty good huh?

Of course, to be REALLY smart, I would plan better, I would have stopped adding items after the juicy juice. My total would have been $10.88 plus tax minus $8.14 in coupons ($3 wags, $1.39 knox, $.75 almond milk, $2 juicy juice, $1 reynolds) and my total would have been a scant $2.74 plus tax!!! I then could have added the other things, plus a couple more items to $10 and used another $3/$10 Wags. A good way to get your produce cheaper too!

I Hope this example inspires you to think outside the box and combine your resources to lower your bills!

Happy Shopping friends!
Warmly, Tracey C.

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