Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kmart DOUBLES coupons... OK trip!

Hey friends! I CAVED and went ahead and clipped and sorted and headed out to the local Kmart for the DOUBLE COUPON event.

Last time I did this, it was not a good experience as the store said they weren't participating and I had to get with the manager etc. Then several coupons didn't on. I think I haven't been back since then!

But this time the Double Coupon event was in our local ad.. so I dared to go. Rules, double up to and including $2 coupons, only 4 like items per transaction, only 40 (they changed it from 60) coupons per customer, per day, no overage, up to and including Sat., Apr. 25th. Let me say, I struggled to find coupons to USE! I went with a whole armload my first trip yesterday, but ended up with just a few freebies because Kmarts prices are so high, they don't carry many of the things, or they were totally wiped out! I did score a few goodies free: Oust spray, eggs (but only because I had a buy 2 Kellogg's get a dozen eggs free!), Kraft dressing, treats.. EAS nutrition bars...Olay 2 packs of soap... the rest were cheap items, like bandaids for $.19, Cereal for $.50, pringles for $.50, Whiskas 12 pack for $1.12, Tostitos salsa for $.75 (used one of my pepsi rebate coupons). I spent $14.XX. Sigh, I do better at Publix!

SO... today I went back, armed with a few more coupons and this is what I got:
  • 4 boxes Kellogg's cereal 4/$10.. had $1/1 coupons doubled to $2 each. $2 for all $4 ALSO I got the rebate form printed at register to mail in for a $5 Gift Card from Kmart. So the cereal is basically free! I also got cereal yesterday, but only one rebate per household.
  • 1 softsoap NEW fancy hand soap ensembles dispenser for $6.00!!! used $2/1 CVS magazine manufacturer coupon doubled to $4. Cost $2 (but I also got a rebate form to send in for buying the base and FREE after rebate!)
  • 1 softsoap NEW equally fancy refill bottle for $3.00!!! used $1/1 IP coupon so $1.00 (free after mail in rebate as mentioned above)
  • Dry Idea roll on deodorant $3.49 used $2/1 IP coupon (bricks?) FREE
  • 9 bottles Suave Naturals shampoo & conditioner 4/$5 ($1.25 ea) used 3 $1.75/3 q's from the 3/1 RP insert doubled to $3.50 ea X 3 = $10.50 off $11.25 = $.75 for all 9
  • Renu 4fl oz (full size but not huge) for hubby $3.49, used $1/1 IP from = $1.49
  • 3 MeowMix wholesome entrees on sale $.70 ea.. used $1/3 q from RP 3/1 insert, doubled to $2 = $.10 for 3
  • 1 kraft catalina dressing on sale $2.67.. used $1.50/1 from SS 3/29 insert doubled to price.. = FREE (no overage on these)
That's IT! My tax was $1.55 my total after coupons was $8.87!! OOP = $8.87
HOWEVER! I will mail in for the cereal (using yesterdays cereal receipt) to get $5 Kmart GC AND I will mail in for the $4 softsoap rebate for buying the pump & refill. That is $9.00 back and minus my stamps...that is everything almost FREE!!!! I love when that happens!

NOTE: I found the soft soap displays ABOVE the shampoos! NOT with the hand soaps. They hadn't placed them out yet, and the rebate forms were on pads attached to the display piece. I just reached way up, pulled the entire display piece down (carefully!) and took what I needed! You may want to ask up at customer service if your store does not have the softsoap displays out.

NOTE 2: If you buy 4 of the kelloggs (pops, raisin bran, cocoa/rice krispies, fruit loops, apple jacks and chocovanilla krispies, corn flakes, smacks..the ones on sale) you SHOULD GET a rebate form PRINTED OUT at the register! It is not attached to your receipt, but looks just like a receipt! You must get this to mail in for your $5 Kmart gift card rebate! Don't leave without it! :)

I'll add my pics later.. enjoy!
Tracey C.


  1. This is amazing! What dedication to the cause. Good luck with huge savings.

    Here's another bargain (like, free!) - I have a super give-away running this week (and every week) on my LDS blog at Not Entirely British.

    This one is for TWO gifts! C. S. Bezas' Relaxing CD - "A Time for Ana," and her superb book, "Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers."
    Hope you have time to hop on over and take a peek :-)

  2. Excellent! I went to our Big Kmart the first day and went to CS to ask them about it and of course..they knew nothing about it and werent participating..I hate when that happens!

  3. Let me just say I love your blog and I have learned tons!

    So this week I head over to my local Kmart thinkng Im going to SAVE tons of $$ well guys what my Kmart is the only one in Maryland that does not do double coupons. I was so upset that I called the corporate office yesterday mad as ever because i spent at least a little more then an hour going through coupons and down the aisle to see what I co get for free or at a super cheap price.

  4. Hi Anne, I'll come on by and look, thanks! Thanks for stopping by, its nice to have you!

    Sherry.. my store did this the first time I tried, and I had them call corporate RIGHT then..because corporate had them honor it for me! It was still a nightmare, but not a wasted trip. I'm sorry that happened to you!

    Allyson~ HI! What did corporate have to say? Did they offer to honor it at your location? Ugh! They are so inconsistent! Did corporate offer anything for your inconvenience? Dont give up because of Kmart, they are my least favorite, I go there once or twice a year and I save TONS without them! :)
    Warmth friends,
    Tracey C.

  5. Interesting.!! Thanks for sharing the pics of your Kmart doubles trip. I too did lot of shopping and saved much money.



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