Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jasmere: $50 Gift Voucher ONLY $18 (and the price drops with your help)!

Ever heard of JASMERE? Since I know so many ladies who are expecting babies right now, I thought it prudent to share this AMAZING Deal!! This is good for those that may be buying baby shower gifts too! Just click the link to learn more about Jasmere and how it works,,, basically  you are getting a $50 voucher for $18!! (this can even cover shipping!) The more people that sign up to buy a voucher, the lower the price of the voucher goes!
The current voucher for Baby Star features Organic, adorable, green, soft, luxurious..all words that describe some of this cute baby stuff. I encourage you to at least check it can even do a little early Christmas shopping perhaps! :) Because I got this recent update from It's Hip to Save, I am just going to direct you to her wonderful site for a full explanation and details. It's a GREAT deal, so check it out! Thanks Collin!

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