Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big Lots Food Deals

Ok, does ANYBODY else like shopping for food at Big Lots? I know, I know, it can be a search and rescue mission for sure, and not always a good outcome! BUT! Sometimes I find the coolest things, or things I haven't seen locally, or even something I already love for CHEAP! Tonight I took a trip and found the following goodies......

**Annie Chun's Sushi Wraps! We LOVE these at my house! My kids REALLY enjoy being able to choose their own ingredients..we usually have some avocado, cuke, carrot, sometimes cream cheese, crab sticks (or not), asparagus, sprouts, sometimes spinach leaves ..YUMMY! The rice
comes out sticky and the nori is not tough to chew..10 wraps included and each wrap is more like bite-size, not full roll size. You have to roll them up lightly, without too much filling, but they taste GREAT! We have bought these at Walmart for almost $3 each (too much at the other stores), but I found them tonight for only $2 each! This also included the sprouted brown rice version..I got 2 of each.

**Jumex Mango and Strawberry Banana nectar (like thick juice) in cans for only $.55 kids LOVE these! I don't get them often, but you can drink 'em straight or add them to a smoothie..

***Superior Nut whole natural almonds! Just plain! My little ones actually like almonds plain, not smoked, toasted or anything, just raw! And at $2.50 for this 9oz container, it's a good deal!

Gerber Graduates: they had the "granola" bars in mixed berry and apple for only $1 a kids like these alot (they aren't toddlers), but they are smaller than your average bar, so for a light snack they work well. Six in a box. Also, they had the 3 pack of the Gerber "smart sips", sort of like Boost or Pediasure, only not! The flavor is "mild" vanilla, and it is REALLY mild! 3 per pack and only $1, these are best VERY chilled and even boost them up in a blender with some berries! My little ones like, my older one..NO way! :)

**Java Monster: Chai Hai for ONLY $.75 hubby likes these! He doesn't like coffee, but these are ok with a chai flavor!!

I also got some fruit chillers and cherry applesauce for $1.50 and I got some pancake pouch mixes for $.75 and can of apple pie filling for about $ top off the cakes with !!! ALSO, one of my faves was the Celestial Seasons CHOCOLATE Caramel Chai....for $2. I love chai, and chocolate, so I thought, ok, I'll try it. See, in the grocery store, for $4 bucks, I won't do it..but for $2..I will try it. I heated it and added cream and HONEY... you only need a splash of cream or even flavored vanilla/caramel creamer would work. HEAVEN!!! It is Delish! I love it! It is discontinued per the CS website, so I may go get another box! Yummy! you ever shop Big Lots, or another discontinued/closeout store to search for goodies? What is your favorite or best deal/find??

Have fun, shop smart and try something new!

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