Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hurry! Get the Entertainment Book for only $5 or FREE!

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Hurry!  You can still get an Entertainment Book for FREE or $5 after cash-back!
Here’s how:
1. Log in or Sign up with SHOP AT HOME.
2. Search for “Entertainment Book” in the big orange search bar at the top, click on the Entertainment Book result that comes up, then click on the green “Shop Now” button.
3. Order an Entertainment Book – on sale for $12 with Free Shipping!
4. You’ll get $7 cash back from Shop at Home, plus new members will get a $5 registration bonus!
That’s like getting it for $5, or FREE if you are new to Shop at Home!
The Entertainment Book is great! There are many FREE and B1G1 Free coupons in it, there are also $5/$50 Hitchcocks and Mother Earth Market too, and many of the Publix in town take them as competitor coupons too! I also love the BENTO coupon, the MAUDES coupon and the tons of other food and store discount coupons. Totally worth $12 & free shipping, so the extra $7 cash back you will end up with in your account is just a bonus! Hurry before the free shipping and offer ends!
ShopAtHome Banner


  1. I received one of these as a Christmas gift this year, and it has some great coupons and offers for local attractions... LOVE it!

  2. Me too Valerie! I have one, but I had to buy another at this great price. My Publix accepts the other store coupons in it, so I get my money back (at $25 purchase full price)every time just with those. Great savings!



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