Thursday, November 19, 2009

Publix Great shopping trip for only $4!!

My $4 Publix Trip....

I had a great shop at Publix tonight! You will see my total is $29. 13, but $25 of that is a gas card. Our gas budget and grocery budget are totally seperate though, so I use the purchase of gas cards (that we need to buy anyway) to help get us more groceries! My grocery total was only $4.13!!

I used a competitor coupon from Mother Earth Market from my Entertainment Book for $5 off a $30 purchase. I also purchased a $25 BP gift card. I am not getting a discount on the gift card exactly, but I am getting the amount of my total higher so that I can get a discount on my groceries. My hubby and I have a gas budget each month, so we often get gas cards instead of carrying cash. This way, we get better discounts on our groceries. See my photo for details of what I got.

Be on the lookout for tearpads by the Earth Grains ( I think that is the brand) flat bread sandwich really soft pitas..they are on sale this week for $2.50 and the coupon gives you $2 off your produce. I already had $2 in produce in my cart (sweet potatoes) so it let me get the bread for only $.50..these are well loved at my house!

Also, because the Ritz are on sale for B1G1F (including the crackerfuls), you can get 2 boxes of Ritz AND 2 boxes of Crackerfuls. You can use 2 of the $1/1 Ritz coupons from 11/8 SS, AND one of the Buy Ritz, get crackerfuls free from the 8/23 SS. I also used a printable Target competitor coupon for $1 off the Ritz. You are allowed to use a store coupon in conjunction with a man. coupon..and competitor coupons are like store coupons. This took $3 off my $3.69 Ritz and since one crackerful was free, my free coupon covered the other! All four boxes for only $.69!

Look at the food demo station (on Williston Rd this is near the bakery) where a stack of coupon sheets are.. for pie crust, jello and $.55/1 cool whip which is on sale for B1G1F. Use 2 of the coupons and get 2 tubs for $.89.

The Publix Winter coupon book has the $1/1 Philly cream cheese bricks, on sale for $1.29.. so only $.29. They also have the Sara lee $1/1 coupons and Sara Lee frozen desserts are 50% off! Pound cake for $.89...or the cheesecake bites for only $.99! YUMMY!

If you got any of the Ocean Spray juice at Walgreens last week for $.99 and have some of the peelie coupons from the bottle.. you can get Ocean Spray cranberries for like $.30 since they are $2.29 and on sale this week b1g1f. I have 2 peelies somewhere! Also, if you were saving any of the coupons from the Kellogg's cereal boxes that had the $5 in breakfast coupons inside (like corn pops)... one of the coupons was for $1/1 ocean spray juice or you can get the juice this week for a great price. It is B1G1F and $3.79..use 2 and get it for $1.79. Pair those with the Target printable $1 off and you can get 2 bottles for $.79.

Well, that's all for this trip. I needed sweet potatoes for our daughters school Thanksgiving meal tomorrow and brown sugar...Great deal as I got everything above for only $4 and change!!

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  1. Very impressive. I admire your ability to do this lol.



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