Sunday, November 8, 2009

EXCELLENT Hasbro Game Deal at Toys R Us!!

Toys R Us has a deal on Hasbro Games this week: Buy $25 in games and get a $10 gift card (see their circular from Sunday)

7 of the games are only $3.99 and there is a $2 Hasbro rebate on these games!!! 3 of the games are $7.99

$3.99 Games include:

Don’t Break The Ice
Hi-Ho Cherry-O
Ants in Pants
Candy Land
Chutes and Ladders

Buy one of each $3.99 game and it will come to $27.93 and you will get a $10 gift card. Then submit for the reabtes on each one which is $14

That makes each game only 57 cents!

You could also buy 1 of the $7.99 games and 5 of the $3.99 games and it will come to $27.94. Get the $10 gift card and submit for the rebates ($7.99 games get a $3 rebate) which is $13

That makes each game only 82 cents!


Thanks Common Sense with Money

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