Thursday, November 19, 2009

50 or 100 FREE Christmas Photo Cards!!!

Free Christmas Photo Cards!

This post is from Money Saving Mom (she has a picture of her cards on her post if you want to go see it!) I found this post at My Litter and had to re-post..thanks to both ladies for sharing! Money Saving Mom posts about how she got 100 FREE cards!! (wow!) and Freebies 4 Mom posts about her coupon code for getting 50 FREE cards!! Money saving mom combined this one with another to get 100. I am definitely signing up for the 50 free cards. Even if you don't NEED that many, you can use them for thank you post cards or gift tags..Hurry though, the offer is limited and expires soon!

(from Money Saving Mom):
I wanted you to see what a great deal she got on Christmas Cards! Guess what arrived via FedEx yesterday? Our
Christmas photo cards from SeeHere--all 100 of them, including envelopes.
Guess how much I paid for them? $0.00
Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a penny for shipping.
Y'all need to go jump on this deal, if you haven't already, as it's only good through November 30, 2009. If you're not planning to send out Christmas cards this year, you could use these as gift tags. Or use the codes to create birth announcements. Or come up with another creative idea for these totally free photo cards!
Here's how to get 100 custom photo cards with envelopes for free:
::Just go here to set up an account with SeeHere (or login if you already have an account) and then upload and create your photo card. Mine took me about 30 minutes to put together--but that's because I had to wade through photos and figure out which ones to use!

::After you've set up your photo card, be sure to save it. Then put 50 photo cards in your cart and go to the checkout and use coupon code
newbaby and you'll get all 50 free with free shipping.

::Log back in and click on your saved items and order another 50 photo cards this time using
the coupon code from Freebies4Mom here. Again, you should get 50 more free photo cards with free shipping.
And that's it! Mine arrived within 3 business days of ordering via FedEx. I was thoroughly impressed, to say the least!

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend you READ Freebies4Mom's POST about this offer. It is truly a freebie!! One she was able to offer her readers.. so please use her links and info to take advantage of this AMAZING deal!! I love deals like this!!

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