Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I LOVE Publix!! (Have I said that?) Great shop!

All Our Goodies From our Publix Shopping Trip!

My Hubby and I went to Publix this evening armed with coupons and two carts. We had two $3 off a $30 purchase coupons and wanted to use them both tonight, so we loaded up our own carts to check-out seperately instead of making two trips to the store at different times. I took pics for you to see how we did, look at all that great stockpile stuff!!! Here is what we had coupons for:

A1 Marinade $2/1: ON SALE B1G1F ... FREE
Muellers Pasta $1/2: ON SALE B1G1F... $.29 for every 2 boxes
$3 off any $30 purchase from Publix
Smart Balance MILK FREE w/purchase of Smart Balance Butter
**(Butter on sale for BOGO for $3.09, so we got two butters each and two free products each... all for the price of $3.09 for the butters and free items)
Smart Balance Peanut Butter FREE w/purch. of SB Butter (had 2 more for FREE popcorn and another FREE milk half gallon)

That's it! There was apparently some overage for using the $2/1 A1 coupons.... about $1.10 for every 2 bottles. I got 10 and my hubby got 10... so about $5 on each order, plus our $3 coupons..

His total was: $7.XX and my total was $10.XX This includes the purchase for New drip trays for the electric coils on our Stove at home.. 4 new trays on clearance for $5.25...We got steak, bananas, milk, peanut butter, butter, marinade, lots and lots of pasta, hummus, pita bread, stuffing and all that you see in the pics! yay! We saved over $110.00 combined (per the receipt), though we would never have bought this much without the deals. We will share and be stocked up for awhile on pasta and marinade and got our other items for cheap.. only $17.XX for our entire purchase! How cool is that? Oh, and guess what we had for dinner? PASTA!

By the way, I did have a cashier who didn't want to take 2 coupons for the B1G1F items, he said I could use 1 coupon for every 2.. I told him that was incorrect (I knew the policy) and he got a manager, who said "Yep, 1 coupon PER item, even if it is B1G1F, about 3 cashiers were gathered. I was glad to have it cleared up, now the cashier knows the policy and wont feel uneasy next time, like he might be doing something wrong.

After I was done, the cashiers/managers (2 very young, nice gentlemen) and now a tie/dress shirted manger (district? store?) were all talking about my transaction. The big guy (in title only!) was shaking his head and gesturing, so I went over to ask that all was ok. I said, we still agree on the verdict, right? He smiled and said, paraphrased of course, Absolutely, I was just educating them on the coupon policy. We do not punish customers when we have a sale. You have 2 products, you can use 2 coupons (as per coupon requirements, a $1/2 would be for 2 items), no problem. He then said we want our
customers to take advantage of the B1G1F sales, and we encourage coupon use. We want you to save money! He also told me they don't lose money on those sales (not for coupon use, but otherwise) anyway, that if they come out behind, there are certain contracts with manufacturers who will reimburse Publix rather than let them take a loss. Wow!
He said they don't do it for most of the other local stores in our area like Winn Dixie or Sweetbay because they don't sell anywhere near as much as Publix does in volume.


This was great because so many times cashiers worry that they will get in trouble, or can't take a coupon, so to see him explaining it in such detail, was a breath of fresh air. It was wonderful and re-confirmed my belief that Publix is the best store ever! ALWAYS clean, always stocked, always pleasant. Publix, we LOVE YOU!! :)

Anyway, I thought you guys might appreciate that information/story. I hope I didn't bore you! Enjoy the pics!

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