Sunday, July 12, 2009

Extreme Couponing Video Featured in Gainesville Sun

My dear friend Jamy is featured in this video from our local newspaper, the Gainesville Sun. Check it out and hear and see how she practices EXTREME COUPONING. You can visit her blog, Seay Kopitiam, HERE.

Click HERE to see her video!

Tracey C.


  1. Thanks my friend for your continue support and friendship !!!!

  2. Did you know that the Dr. Schols coupon that she talks about in the video is for a product that Walgreens didn't even sell? She probably didn't now that it was not for the right item. Walgreens won't be reimbursed for that. The coupons didn't beep, and if walgreens didn't pay attention, they would not have known.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the tip. Just curious. When I typed in 1500prints and it came up on my account all those items are for free? It looks like all you pay is shipping?

  4. Hi Mommymeepa, yes, the prints are free and all you pay is shipping. They "ration" the prints out so you cannot get all 1500 at once, but hey, that's ok with me! Also, they have the cutest items for rock bottom prices all the time. Like the tie we got, we waited for a sale and got if for less than $7, and that was including shipping (which was free). The only thing is that they take a long time to ship because they are so far.. so if you don't mind waiting, you can get some screaming good deals on photos and photo items/gifts. PLUS they are hugely customer friendly , if you ever have a problem, they fix it fast. I haven't, but read the blog board they have to see for yourself! Enjoy!
    Tracey C.



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