Monday, July 13, 2009

ArtsCow New Members Get 1200 free prints credits & MORE!!!

Want a bunch of free pics?

Have you signed up with yet? New members get 1200 print credits (they break up # you can redeem each month, GREAT deal!) AND 3 photo books! If you sign up, be sure to join the referral program and share with friends because you get photo credits too!

We ordered this tie for Father's Day from them (took couple weeks to get, so order with plenty of time) My photo of it isn't the clearest, but the tie turned out PERFECT! We loved it and my Hubby was tickled. It is hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil with our 3 girls. It was pretty simple to design using their online editor. Isn't it cute? On the back we were able to just do a negative of the image and it was a neat way to make sure the back wasn't plain. What do you think? He got lots of compliments on it and the girls had fun helping me do the photo set up. I used a sale offer and got the tie for only $6.99 and FREE SHIPPING! Wow, what a bargain that was! Here it is, though they both look like the front, it is just how they displayed it, the back of the tie was not white, but the back was the negative print you see below.
This is the front of the tie.
This is the Back!

Are you Already signed up for Arts Cow? I got an email offering MORE free prints! Whoo Hoo! You just have to log in and enter the discount code. Here is what the email said:
1500 Free Photo Prints for Each Member!

That's right. All you need to is do the follow the instructions set out below to take advantage of this fabulous offer.
1. Register/log into your account
2. Enter the "My Account" section
3. Click into "Credit & Discount"
4. Input the Gift Certificate Code and click on the "validate" button

Gift Certificate Code: 1500PRINTS
Expires: 7/31/2009 Log in:

Tracey C.

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