Thursday, July 16, 2009

$.38 Cereal @ Target!! WOW!

Lots of Goodies At TARGET!

Ok, I had FUN getting my Apple Jacks and Cocoa Krispies for only $.38 today at Target!! On sale through Saturday for $1.88, I had several of the $1.50/1 coupons that came out a few weeks back..some people only got $1.00 off 1 coupons, and $.88 is still a GREAT deal!

Also, I recently got cheap CORN POPS with my $1.50 coupons and a BOGO sale. Inside the specially marked box was a little plastic pack of coupons for "breakfast savings." These included a $1/1 Mini Wheats coupon AND a $1 off ANY MILK when you buy Cocoa Krisipies, Special K...some others. So I also got a BUCK off my gallon of milk!

In addition, I had two $1/1 ANY DOVE deodorant and Target has a great TRAVEL SIZE selection. They had the GO FRESH Dove deodorant for $.97.. so I got 2 free. I also had two $1/1 Coupons for ANY Hefty One Zip product, so again, in the travel sized section (trial sizes) I got two 8 count bags, perfect for travel needs, for FREE!

Found a 500 pack of printer paper for $2.50, great price! Also got a Starbucks Frappuccino for only $.97 with a $1/1 coupon. I love the vanilla flavor!

Less than $10 for the food/grocery items... paper was office/business use and came out of my other account.

What freebies do YOU get at TARGET in their tri
al/travel size? I've heard these are good buys with coupons if you have coupons that say on ANY, usually $1/1:
  • Dove Deodorant
  • Secret Deodorant
  • Tide single use
  • Hefty One-Zip
  • Ziploc
  • Right Guard
  • Axe products for men
  • dove soap(use dove facial product coupon)
  • St. Ives
Various others. Of course, depending on what coupons are out, you can get some great free things to try. It is Targets corporate policy to take a coupon, even if it is more than the price of the item. The policy is to not give overage/money back, but they can adjust down the value of the coupon if the coupon is for the right item! I don't usually get more than 2 of anything, but I do like to save them up and either donate them to the local shelter, add them to goodie bags for friends, try them myself or just give them away!

Tracey C.


  1. elle-tn.blogspot.com7/17/09, 10:32 PM

    you should really check out WalMart for the Hefty one zips. I have been getting 22ct for $1 FREE with Q

  2. Great! I don't usually go to Walmart, they are often hard to use coupons with around here, but hey, I'll check Walmart out, thanks for the tip!
    Tracey C.

  3. Kudos to you on your "bargain" hunting...however, your tilt on frugality wouldnt work here. The first problem being, we eat 90% organic, for a plethera of reasons that I dont have the space to share here. But we do raise about 70% of our food(sustainably). We support a family of 8-10 on an annual budget of around 30K. No car payments, mortgage free in 5 years and we "green" our life in every possible area. For instance, you wouldn't need those Hefty bags if you invested in yard sale canning jars, as they can be re-used, not end up in a land fill, and wont leech BPA into your food. Ethical frugality is about far more than just saving is about making ethical choices about how you spend what you have without harming yourself, others or creation.

  4. Well Sidonie, that is great place to be and Kudos to you for achieving such self-sustainable living. I think we are all working a little harder to reduce, reuse and recycle..maybe we just aren't all as ahead of the game as you are! But thanks for the comments and perhaps it will motivate a few readers to do more. However, I do have mental picture of you riding a bike to generate electricity while you browse the internet! Of course, I'm only saying that because I've seen it done..and it wouldn't surprise me if you were using lots of solar, human or other like-wise powered sources. Do you have a blog on your practices? Perhaps you should start one, visual reinforcement of ideas, as opposed to just written or verbal, can cause alot of people to take notice! Let us know if you do, I'd love to read it!
    Tracey C.

  5. HI! Just a quick for the FREE Heftys..was it the blinkies that you used? I would love to go get some of theese. I dont have a Target but I remember walmart carryig theese. I have like 50 of the blinkies...just been waiting to use them! THANKS

  6. Hi Jolene, I have both blinkies and some insert coupons for $1 off the Heftys. Either should work just fine as both are manufacturer coupons! I was given a tip here by elle-tn that Walmart has the Hefty One-zips for $1 for 22!! FREE! I haven't been to mine yet, but I will!
    Tracey C.



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