Thursday, January 14, 2010


Love Barnie's? Love Santa's White Christmas and the Holiday Coffee Coolers like Gingerbread or Spice? Well, I am happy (and also frustrated) to report that I happened upon Barnie's Holiday (up to 75% off!!) Clearance Sale!!! The BUMMER? The shipping (and they are in FL, like me, so it may be worse for you!) is HIGH! I searched for a code to no avail, so I paid over $13 just for shipping! BUT! The prices were so great, I did it anyway! This is some of my favorite stuff, and when your favorite stuff goes on get it!

I got:

1 tin gingerbread chai 22ct tea - $2.25
2 Santa's Pants Giftset (all Santa's White Christmas products, coffee, cooler, syrup, jelly and more!) - $7.50 each
1 bottle DAVINCI SF (sugar free) WHITE CHOCOLATE SYRUP 750ml - $2.25
1 bottle MONIN PEPPERMINT 750ML SYRUP - $2.25
2 bottles 12 oz Jolly Gingerbread Cooler (add to milk for a cool and delicious treat!) - $3.49 ($1.75 each)
2 bottles of 12 oz Sugar and Spice Cooler - $3.49 ($1.75 each)

My total was $28.73 and then the HIGH shipping. But hey, shipping is EXPENSIVE!
As any Barnie lovers will know, syrup, coolers and Yummy coffee is not cheap! So, I think the retail value of this package is:
12 oz coffee: $9.49 (got 2 in the Santas pants set) = $18.98
Santa's white Christmas syrups $4.99 (1 in each set = 2) = $9.98
Davinci syrup = $8.99
Monin syrup 750 ML = $8.99
4 bottles 12oz coolers $6.99 ea = $27.96
2 bottles Santas coolers in set $6.99 ea (1 in each) = $13.98
Santa's White jelly $4.99 X 2 = $9.98
2 2.5oz decaf coffee $2.39(in Santa set)= $4.78
Misc Santas bags and cookies = ?? (we'll just leave this amount off!)
With shipping, that is more than half off!
You can also check your local BARNIES if you have one nearby..the prices and your mileage may vary though, so you may want to call first to check! Let me know if you find some good deals and let us know if you get a good shipping code or % off code!

OTHER great deals?
Hot chocolate packs for $.25
Reindeer Gift set for only $7.50
Mini set for only $5.00

4 pack of mini coffees (possibly decaf?)for only $2.50
Bulk Holiday coffee
And so much more!

NOTE: I also tried removing the heavier bottle of syrup to see if my total shipping would drop, it did not. My original total (before editing) was around $40 and $23 shipping! I dropped 2 of my syrup bottles and a coffee pack and a mug (cute!) and my shipping dropped. So, play with it a bit if you want to see, but register first because re-entering your shipping info each time is a buzz kill! :)

HURRY! These will NOT last long!
GO HERE to shop!

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