Friday, January 15, 2010



I played around a bit with my cart (a new one) and found that the shipping for 2 bottles of coolers ($1.75 each) was $5.99

Add 2 bottles each (4 bottles) and a bottle of heavier syrup (peppermint syrup) subtotal $9.24 for all = $6.99 shipping!

Put just 1 Santa gift set in your cart for $7.50 and shipping is $6.99
2 Sets (cost is $14.99) raises the shipping total to $8.26 for ECONOMY

2 mug gift sets ($2.50 each) shipping is $6.99
2 mug gift sets and 1 4 pack of coffee (subtotal $7.50) is still $6.99 economy shipping
2 mug sets, 1 4 pack coffee and 1 tree gift set($5.00) subtotal of $12.49 = STILL $6.99
ADD 1 cooler $1.75.. to the above (subtotal of $14.24) STILL $6.99
ADD 1 MORE cooler $1.75 (subtotal of $15.98) Shipping is now $8.36!!! So, looks like going over the $15 mark, or getting the bulkier Gift Sets is when the shipping starts to rise! So either get less gift sets... or keep your total low.

If you bought the Santa set seperate:
1 coffee
1 cooler
1 syrup You would pay alot more because these items INDIVIDUALLY aren't on clearance in the Santa's White Christmas flavor!
However, a 12 oz Holiday coffee, a gingerbread cooler and a peppermint syrup bought individually (not as a gift set) will cost you $7.24 and shipping is $6.99. No cute Santa tote or jelly/cookie gifts though! 2 of each of these items (like getting 2 kits, sort of) will cost you $14.48 and shipping is $8.36
BUT, the holiday bulk coffee is $3.25 for a POUND, not 12 there you have it! My ramblings!

Enjoy and go shopping HERE at Barnie's Holiday Clearance.

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