Saturday, August 22, 2009

SUPER! Arts Cow TIES for Dad are only $7.99!!

Hey all! Remember my earlier post about the super cute Necktie we made for my hubby for Fathers Day? Take a peek at it HERE then come back for the codes below.

Well, has several codes available for the tie RIGHT NOW that you can use to get the tie for only $7.99 (one side printed) or $9.99 (two sides printed) with FREE SHIPPING! This is SUCH a good deal, I cannot even tell you how many times my husband has been complimented on his wonderful tie! He LOVES it, and because our girls our featured on it, they love it too! Great quality tie, for a ridiculous price! If you are not a member yet, click HERE and sign up. You also get 1200 free prints for signing up as a NEW customer! YES! That is not a misprint! These free prints are staggered, meaning you get 200 one month, 200 next, like that. But what great deal! And because it takes some time to ship coming from so far, it is a really good time to place your orders for Christmas gifts and put away so you have them ready for that special man in your life. Can anyone say GIFT for the Grandpa who has everything?

PLEASE NOTE! These codes are ONE TIME USE ONLY! I cannot guarantee they will last, so if you try one and it doesn't work, try another! Good luck!

Some pointers...choose a photo that is "long". See my example for an idea of how that works. If you have a horizontal photo, it won't fit right! The Eiffel tower would be great! But since you want to personalize it... a boy dressed as Superman standing with his arms on his hips..cape flying would look great! A stack of anything would work. Also, I spent the time to "erase" our background so I could add a completely black background for could also be stark white, or red..whatever. You can use paint in your microsoft application or any of the very cool tools I'm sure you have. Don't crop until you are making the tie on though.. you don't want any white space! The back can just be a plain white..but you can add any photo you want for a couple dollars more, so why not? You can see all the special available after signing up by clicking on the SPECIAL SALE link located at the top of the home page. You should be able to just design your tie and then use the code to checkout though. Let me know if you have questions! There are also some codes for CHEAP playing cards with a single design or 54 photo design! How cool would THAT be? Less than $10 shipped, that's how cool! Check the Special Sale link for more great codes and specials.

I hope someone takes advantage of this great price and would love to see your tie when your all done!

Here are the codes that are left as of right now. Remember, they are one time use, so if one doesn't work, try another!:


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