Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's Your City's Groupon Deal?

What's YOUR City offering up through GROUPON today? 
Today in my city, Gainesville, we get 50% off the value of $20 worth of pizza at I Love N.Y. Pizza! 
That is, I spend $10 for the Groupon Gift Certificate, but GET $20 worth of food! AWESOME!
If you've never heard of Groupon, let me introduce you! Groupon is a "group" deal site. Daily, sometimes more than one a day, sometimes one lasts for several days, there is a great deal offered for a local merchant in YOUR city. For example, a restaurant, a hair salon, an exercise studio, etc. The possibilites are endless! 

All you do is sign up for the daily deal alert emails from Groupon for YOUR city, and there are LOTS of cities that have Groupon deals. You simply check it out until a Groupon YOU want is offered, then you just buy it! The only catch is, there have to be enough people interested in the deal for the deal to be "ON," as Groupon says. So far, I've never seen a deal not get enough people to activate the deal, because the deals are so good! 

My family LOVES Groupon!! We can go out to eat, do fun activities and just save a ton of money on things we would be doing anyway, just by buying a deal through Groupon! In this economy of tight budgets and families trying hard to stretch a dollar, we try to save money any way we can. As a coupon slinging deal-diva, I personally recommend Groupon to all my friends and family...and they love it too! Oh, and check out this perk... If you recommend Groupon to family and friends, if they sign up and buy their first deal, you can earn a FREE Groupon credit to use on a future deal!! How cool is THAT? 

Why not check out what deal is going on in YOUR city today at Groupon? You'll save a bunch, find some fun things to do on a dime and maybe even earn a few free Groupons along the way!

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