Monday, March 14, 2011

$2 for 5 Blockbuster "Blue Box" Rentals!!!

Hurry! Groupon is offering, through Pittsburg (the city offering this deal, but good anywhere in the US where Blockbuster Kiosks (blue boxes) are located for movie rentals)  a screaming good deal! For only $2 bucks (you heard me right!) you can get 5 movie night rentals from any Blockbuster Express movie kiosk! What a great deal! A buck a night is already pretty good for renting a movie, but now your dollar stretches further!
If you don't know, Groupon is a "daily deal" site that has special daily deals in different cities, that require a certain number of people to purchase the deal before the deal gets turned "on". Most deals are good to go after just a few people, and most sell hundreds of deals! Sometimes a deal is web based (like for an online retail store), or nation-wide, so anybody can get in on the deal even if it isn't their city. Some of the best deals are those, but there are TONS of great local deals that will save you a TON of cash! I love Groupon!

Click HERE to sign up for Groupon and go to Pittsburg under the featured deals drop down menu and simply purchase! It's that easy! But hurry, because this great deal is only good for a short amount of time! Get out the popcorn and enjoy your $.40 movie rental from Blockbuster Express, courtesy of Groupon!!

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