Monday, September 21, 2009

Tide Clearance @ Walgreens!


Be on the lookout for TIDE Total Care (regular size) 20 load bottle. This is ringing up for $2.29 at most of the stores around here, though only 1 store had it marked with a clearance sticker. 50 oz size, the "regular" 20 load size NOT the bigger bottle. Have them scan it to check the price. Use the $1/1 any Tide coupons from the 8/30 (most recent) Proctor & Gamble Sunday insert. Get cheap Tide! ALSO!!! Look for the Lavender and Vanilla 40oz (purple bottle) which was also on clearance for $2.29. I only found a few of these at one store. Heads up but your results may vary: Check for Tide to go minis ($1.59), Resolve Spray for carpets, Spray N Wash (only saw one type, but you never know!) Scotch nail saver sponges/dishes, All Small and Mighty (aqua bottle) (less than $2), Febreze Candles, Febreze Auto spray (in automotive section), and so much more! There were so many new markdowns in some of my local stores and I really scored on the Tide, my favorite! Also check the Thermos containers (small size) for kids lunches (or yours), perfect for coming colder weather and for sending soup! The character ones were $17.99 and marked down to $8, CARS and Disney Princesses. If not marked, ask them to scan to be sure! Hope this helps you all find some grea deals! Go with your coupons because these items go really fast!

Tracey C.


  1. WAG is shrinking what they use to carry. So for the next few months there will be lots of deals as the resets get finished.



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