Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RefundCents.com FREE visitor days right now!

I am a member of RefundCents.com and I love the information and deals that are posted there EVERY DAY! It is a subscription site, but it is SO worth it! I have had a membership for over 6 years (I think, it may be 7..). Right now there is a free opportunity for anyone to come over and take advantage of all of the links, information, chit chat (other memebers sharing amazing deals), photos of stockpiles and so much more, for FREE! Michele, the owner of the site says:

For all members - send your friends on over for a free peek right now. There is open access for everyone for a couple days in honor of our mention in USA Today Weekend. The free access is:
username: school6
password: days4

Take a peek, I think you'll enjoy it!
Tracey C.

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