Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello everyone!

Hi friends... I haven't been hearing much in the way of comments from anyone out there lately, and I'm wondering, are these deals working for you guys? Should I keep taking the time to post the deals I find and sharing them.. or am I talking to an empty auditorium? LOL, I know it isn't necessary for anyone to comment, just click and go get a good deal, but it has been VERY QUIET!

I know I haven't been taking pics of my recent shopping deals..and since I haven't been tracking my monthly spending online (our current budget is $300 for groceries, health and beauty, paper and now eating out (this wasn't included before when we were shooting for just $100 a month).) I know it isn't as ambitious as before...but my average from January through June was $200 (or a little less, or a little more..but really very steady) So after "running out" of budget money after 6 months, we adjusted the budget to reflect that spending, allow for a few more fresh veggies and allow for our eating out. Our eating out does NOT include a $100 budget, but we are also giving ourselves a little more wiggle room, and we do not HAVE to spend it.

With school back in session, I both have more time to shop and less. Does that make sense? I mean, I can shop while the girls are in school, but I need to have more done before dinner and bedtime and homework time so I can spend that time with them or doing things for them.

So that puts our weekly budget at $75 or less, including eating out. Really, I have been closer to the $200 a month with my shopping and we have had the ability to buy a few extras here and there and grab a quick meal at Crispers, or Boston Market once a week. We may cut that out though and shoot for a $250 a month since the $300 is a bit more than we NEED.

Hey, isn't $75 a week still pretty good? Some of my girlfriends that practice extreme couponing don't think so! (You know who you are, ladies!). They can spend less than $20 a week most times (seriously), but it does take a little more finagling and some great store sales and coupon flyers. I am actually pretty happy with my more modest goal, but it is still a great savings for our family!

What do you all think? To those that are also doing extreme budgeting, how have you been doing? Do you all miss the pics of the great shopping trips? Do you like the quick updates of freebies and good deals and some fun coupons and links to other deals listed? Let me know, dear readers, how you feel! Just checking things out!

Blessings to all,
Tracey C.


  1. no way i love seeing the deals! i am going to try one this week! keep it coming tracey... you're awesome!

  2. Sorry I have not comment as much as I should. I love your sight. Most times people do not comment. I rarely get comments on my site but I know that people are looking. But comments are nice aren't they.Keep it up and your budget is your budget. You should not have to compete with someone living on 20 a week. And a 100 dollars a month eating out is only 25 dollars a week for a family your size is not bad. There is only 2 of us and I don't want to live on 20 dollars a week. Once again. Your sight is fun and I love the pictures of the girls.

  3. i love your site keep it up!!!! you are doing a great job

  4. Please keep posting! You do a great job on letting people know about deals that aren't on other sites. I am on your site everyday and would be so sad to see you go!

  5. I just found your site about 2 weeks ago..and it's the first thing I check out when I get to the office everyday (Shhh..! LOL!) I'm learning a lot, and look forward to the deals! Keep posting!

  6. i love your blog! there are a few i check all the time and you are one of them! thx for the time put into it.

  7. Ok, so a few of you are for sure enjoying the posts! GREAT! I wasn't really thinking I should stop, just wondering if I'm posting deals that you all want to see, or not enough of one kind of deal (like more Walgreens, less Bath and Body Works). I like to find a mix of deals myself, so I like to post a mix of deals too! Thanks so much for your replies!! It is fun to know you guys are getting some great deals from all that posting! :) Blessings!!!!
    Tracey C.

  8. Well, I don't shop at Walgreens and the other places but don't mind seeing them as you never know, lol!

    But honestly, I would love to see how you are actually managing to live on that.

    I'd love to know some of the meals that you are making, how you are managing your budget (do you make your own detergent? Do you make things from scratch, and what things?) and just some of your day to day thoughts about it all.

    So continue with the deals, if you want, as it's your blog. But if you ever feel like posting some recipes or menu plans or just talk about how you're doing this all, I'd love to hear it!

  9. Friend,
    Keep on posting when you have the times.
    I have not do Walgreens or CVS for a while. Just concentrate on Publix as I find it much easier with bulk buy.
    I get a lot of coupon booklet from Publix and when they have sales. I will get the sales + coupons ( or Competitor coupons) and take advantage of Publix accepting $5 off $25 CVS coupons.

    I am doing good these few months with Publix.

    I find CVS and Walgreens no of my cup of tea cos they only let me do 1 deal at a time and I have to drive a couple of time where as for Publix I go in once and get a whole lot.

    BTW, Tracey, me and one of my readers intend to go shopping every week and buy up things which we see are free or near free at Publix and do a yard sales every 2 weeks and earn some pocket $ that way.

    If you want to drop by this weekend , her place is at Alachua. We got like 100 bottles of Dr Pepper and lots of Glad Fragrant collection candles and diffusers cos of the many one stop one store Publix coupon booklet we are able to get.

    So drop by.

  10. I check out your site regularly. I enjoy reading about the deals you find. I am from the northeast and food costs here are much higher, so my deals aren't as good as some other folks. Keep it up. I also enjoy seeing what folks buy, how they work the deal and what it costs in the end. I get jealous when I see oop less than a dollar lol!



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