Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wags Good Deals I Got!

Had a good shopping trip at Walgreens. I couldn't get my act together after getting home from Arizona until Saturday, and then, just barely! Leaving home always makes me a little disorganized.. a LOT actually! (clearly! ) So, I got one Right Guard ($2 RR), 2 Pert ($2 RR for 2), 2 oreos (sep transaction, $3 RR for 2), 1 hand sanitzer, 1 hand wash pump (both on clearance), 1 Bayer Quick Dissolve (FARR free after register reward). I found coupons next to the Quick Dissolve for $1/1 making this a money-maker deal. Price is $2.49 and RR is $2.50. I also found Cheerios on clearance for $1.19 and had a $1/1 cheerios coupon with me. Also, some sugar free strawberry jam for only $.75 on clearance! Fiber one (caramel version) was also only $1.19, but I didnt have a coupon.

Later in the Evening:

Had to go back to Wags get some ointment for my daughter who scratched her eye (OUCH! Poor sweetie!). While waiting for my hubbie to speak to the after-hour pediatrician I had to shop around while I waited. Found a Bayer II contour monitor, free with coupon and got a $5 RR, also another Bayer Quick Dissolve Free and $1 profit. Found 2 PUR water flavor options on clearance for $1 and just happened to have a catalina coupon that printed a few weeks ago for $2/1 that I used for those, some $1 socks for my scratched up little girl in her favorite colors too.

I then had to go to Wags #2 for the evening to speak to a pharmasist (24 hr pharm) about ointment in my girls eye..the after hours recommended ointment in it, the pharmasist said no way! Sheesh. So I went to talk to her and get a second opinion in person. I also found another Bayer II monitor for a $5 profit, another Quick Dissolve, some Tostitos and some more Pert.

I took pics to show the goods.

I also donated $1 to the American Cancer Society and got a coupon book. I took pics of that for you so you can see what's inside. I think you have to make a $1 or $5 donation to get the coupons. If you donate $5 you will get a $5 RR good for your next purchase of $10 or more on REVLON products. Could be a good deal! Click on any image to enlarge for detail.

Sorry I have't been posting pics or deals, but after being out of town for a week and then home.. I've been busy with family and playing catch up with their school work/projects AND going on a field trip all day friday to Sea World with the youngest of my cutie-girls! It was alot of fun!

I'll post some good deals for this new week as soon as I have some good deals/coupons matched up for you all. Don't forget to get your coupon inserts Sunday! There should be one SS and one RedPlum.

Tracey C.

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