Friday, May 15, 2009

Upload Difficulties and my Wags Pics

Hi friends! I have tried several times this week to upload my photos to my blog with no success! I have tried uploading photos I've uploaded previously to see if there might be a problem with the new ones..and THOSE upload! Same camera, same everything really, but photos are different. I can't figure it out. I checked size and they are all comparable to the ones I've uploaded. Hmmm.. scratching head! Anyone? Anyone? Help! I'll try uploading to an off site and using the URL for that..

Here goes... YAY!! It worked. Now, why wouldn't it work from my photos on my comp? Ok, here are my OLD photos from my Wags trip that I talked about in my last post. I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY behind on things, sorry, but family life and friends are taking a front seat right now (where they should be!), so I'll be caught back up soon! I miss my posts! Here are the pics ............ First is American Cancer Coupon donation book...2nd is the
coupons inside. You can
click on the image to enlarge (I think).

Next photos are the Wags items I got. They speak for themselves and the descrpt. of what I paid is in the post just before this. Keep your eyes open for the Fiber One in CARAMEL..looks sort of like honey grahams or french toast crunch shaped. I found some today that were NOT MARKED but rang up $1.19 each! Super! I suspect the Cheerios Oat Clusters might be the same if not marked on shelf, they were $1.19 too.

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