Saturday, May 23, 2009

MANY Freebies @ Publix Right NOW!!

Hey all you Publix shoppers - this is our week!!! Many items (as usual) are on sale for Buy One Get One Free (B1G1F), when used with coupons, these are often free or close to it! Check out the deals below, then Go get these B1G1F deals!!

Pedigree Denta Stix B1G1F $3.79
- $2.50 (RP 4/19)
Profit, if you have 2 coupons. Note: if you see the blinkie machine nearby, take a peek! Some stores have the $1/1 DentaStix coupons right there!!! You can JUST use these if you don't have the $2.50 coupon, OR you can combine a $2.50 with a $1/1 and get 2 for $.29!! This can make your coupons go further!

Kraft/Seven Seas Dressing/Good Seasons B1G1F $2.99
- $1.50 (S 5/10)
Free if you have 2 coupons

Kraft BBQ Sauce B1G1F $1.49
- .75 (S 5/3)
Free if you have 2 coupons

A1 Steak Sauce 10 oz B1G1F $3.99
- $2 (S 5/10)
Free if you have 2 coupons

Heluva Good Dips 12 oz B1G1F $2
- .50 (S 5/17)
- .50 printable $1 for 2 if you have 2 coupons

Kelloggs POP Tarts B1G1F $2.69 (price may vary) - $1.00/2 (RP 4/5) $1.69 for 2 (.85 each) with coupon

TIDY CAT Jug Cat Litter (scoopable I think) is B1G1F and that is $6.99..BUT my store had $2/1 PEELIE coupons RIGHT ON THE JUGS!!! That is only $2.99 for two jugs! Nice!

Lays Potato Chips @ B1G1 $3.99
$3 off 2 SuperBowl coupons (if you have them)
Look for Tear pad for $1 off produce wyb Lays at the Big Lays Display in most stores..
( That makes it as low as 99 cents for 2 bags of chips and $2 in free produce! You can use one produce coupon per bag of Lays)

I already got a bunch of the Pedigree DentaStix for FREE and even once or twice with overage! What a great deal on those! Also, the Jennie O Turkey Burgers NATURALS (frozen section) are b1g1f for $7.99 and MY STORE had $1/1 peelies on them! Whoo Hoo! Two nice size Boxes of Jennie-O for only $5.99!!

Have fun at Publix! Also check the list at my friend Jamie's blog for even MORE amazing match ups and deals at Publix!!! Wow!


Tracey C.

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  1. Don't forget that even though it is BOGO, you don't have to buy two. If you buy one that one item will be half price. So, for instance if you only have one coupon for the Kraft dressing, buy one. The $2.99 price will drop down to $1.50 and you can use the $1.50 coupon that you do have...making it free.



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