Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Warner Brothers Movie Ticket with DVD purchase at Walmart!!

 Get a FREE Movie Ticket!

Be on the lookout at Walmart for DVD displays of the $4.00 movies, or the higher priced $7.++ Blu-Ray Discs, that have a special certificate stuck-on for up to $7.50 Off one admission ticket to see a Warner Bros. movie with purchase.  Some examples of current Warner Bros. movies are The Hobbit, Gangster Squad, Argo, Cloud Atlas and others. Movie theater prices vary, but $7.50 off is a free ticket in my neck of the woods (unless it's 3D!). So, if you want to learn more first, visit the link at for details/restrictions. Certificates are valid from 12/26/12 to 2/12/13, so hurry and get yours! I found 7 DVD's for only $4 each, and will be able to score 7 movie tickets for my family! What a Great deal! Here is what the sticker certificate looks like:

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