Monday, February 13, 2012

Adorable FREE Valentines Day Printables for KIDS!

OOH! Valentines Day! The day of Love, treats and sweet little messages for those you Love (or just like!). When it comes to school days and Valentines Day parties, I like to make stuff at home, save money, and maybe have something the other kids don't have so they aren't all just like the others. It's more fun that way! Here are some places to get some GREAT FREE Printables and ideas. Don't forget to set your printer to print preview so you can see exactly how it will look before you print. I always print coupons on lowest quality to save ink, so you may want to kick it up a notch for this and change to color. Also, cardstock! Enjoy! there are TONS of crafts, printable cards and ideas to for your own family. They have cute printable cards for kids that print 8 to a page, also some cute conversation hearts:
That you can print to top off cupcakes, use as table confetti, or whatever! Go HERE to see those and other selections from Family Fun.

Also, you can print free cards at for free. They have quarter fold, half fold and Love coupon books!

Or, you can head over to MintPrintables to print some really cute Valentines Day Gift TAGS. These are just perfect for making little Valentines Day cards for school sharing or trading. Perfect sentiments for Elementary school, or younger. Cute little tags for homemade gifts too! Aren't they cute?
We used these on card stock for the girls to share with classmates tomorrow. FREE Valentines Day Cards! Go HERE!

Well, enjoy, and have a warm, love-filled Valentines Day, friends!

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