Thursday, April 14, 2011

Help Our Local School Earn FREE Books!!

Help our local school earn FREE BOOKS just by reading them online!
Yep! YOU can help our local school district earn FREE books for our local school, Healthy Learning Academy just by reading FREE online books with your child! How? It is SO easy and exciting! Simply sign up at the website for Read for My School Florida campaign and choose Healthy Learning Academy in Gainesville, FL as the school you wish to support. If you live in FL and wish to support a different local school, you may do that instead, of course! 

The website explains everything, but basically, every time you and/or your child read one of the FREE online books, a FREE BOOK will be donated to our school (or the school of your choice in FL)!!! There are HUNDREDS of books to choose from! You can read from now (started April 5th) until May 9th to help our school earn these free books! After the Read for My School event is over, you can CONTINUE to read as a member for FREE, supporting other reading programs all over the world!! Isn't that great! You can teach your children about the love of reading, paired with the love of giving to others at the same time! These are high quality, complete books (with all the photos and artwork) that your children will LOVE, and, until 50,000 books are given away, there is NO LIMIT to how many books you can read...or re-read if you wish! 

So PLEASE, won't you take a moment to go and sign up, choose to support our school and get lots of online reading for FREE? Thanks so much to those of you that do this, reading is near and dear to my heart and giving free books to our school is AWESOME!!! 
Yay Books! 
Leave me a comment if you want when you sign up, or if you have any questions! Thanks a million, or at least 50,000!

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