Saturday, February 19, 2011

Get 5 Blockbuster "blue box" rentals for only $2!!!

 Get FIVE!!! Blockbuster Rentals at the BLUE BOX for only $2!!!

Groupon does it again! This time, with the Atlanta, GA link, you can score FIVE Blockbuster Kiosk rentals for only $2!!!! AND you can buy up to 2 more deals for friends!! What an EASY and INEXPENSIVE gift for anyone on your list!!! Everyone loves movies and at only $.40 a rental, this is a deal that everyone should score!!! We watch a lot of movies in my house, so I am for sure getting this, and a couple for teacher gifts, or for my BFF wouldn't be a bad idea either!! Just go to GROUPON HERE and score the Atlanta, GA deal. It is their daily deal, but anyone can grab one!!

If you have never used Groupon before, you will LOVE it! I have gotten so many sweet deals from them. They tend to be local to larger city areas (but are growing daily). They offer a deal, or sometimes more, a day on local services, retail shops, restaurants and entertainment...and more! I signed up to receive the daily deal alert because I have no intention on missing out on $50 worth of sushi at my favorite restaurant for only $25!!! I bought a cool painting session for my daughter from Corks and Colors studios for only $20, tons of restaurant deals and more, and they've only been in my area for about a month!!! I urge you to not only grab this great Blockbuster Deal, but sign up for your area, you won't want to miss the deals!!!

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