Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Organic Fruit Share

Yay! Today I picked up our family's first organic fruit share (cost is $15) from the Homegrown Organics group. There are several pick-ups in Gainesville, so it is convenient for most people, if you are interested. I posted a photo of what our $15 bought. Before you cry out that you can get it cheaper (and I KNOW some of you can get it cheaper!), please remember, this IS organic, and it helps support our local farmers and growers too! A win-win!
 Doesn't that look great? Yep!

And just for a quick comparison, I priced the same (or similar if not avail.) items at Publix today and the cost was around $21. A savings of $6! The pick-up is super convenient, and the time is also. A great deal. I'll price a couple of more times just for reference in the future.

We will be receiving our CSA farm share of veggies/fruits starting late Oct. from the Family Garden, and this fruit only share will be a supplemental addition to that. At only $550 for the season (until June!), this adds up to less than $20 a week for our organic fruits and veggies from the farm share, a really great deal! Plus, I don't have to shop 3 or 4 different stores just for the organics sales and selections. Also, this helps us to eat more seasonally, which is a great thing as well. Because the farm share amount is due in full at the beginning of the season, you may need to save up, but I think the payoff is worth it. I'll take photos and let you all know as we get our farm shares what we got that week. The link to the Homegrown Organics group is HERE. A FULL box of fruit and veggies is $40 a week. HOWEVER, you do not need to commit to every week! You can get one every other week. You can also get a 1/2 share for $25, a fruit only share for $15, or even a low glycemic box for $25! They also have organic beef, eggs and such available. Check the website for details!  

As for our farm share, this comes from the Family Garden farm that is local to our area, located in Bell, FL. Organic fruit and veggies are sold weekly at the downtown farmers market if you want to buy a few things here or there, or make up your own box. You can visit their website to learn more about the farm, or the CSA program HERE.


  1. Nice post. Glad you like the fruit share.
    Gainesville members should visit our blog for Gainesville specific info and recipes too! Our site is:
    Today we were blessed with 4 items from The Family Garden. It's such a treat!

  2. I just looked back on some of your posts. You are a deal diva! I'm completely impressed. Thanks for posting about Homegrown Gainesville on your site.

  3. Thanks for the posts ladies! I was so happy with our fruit share!! YUMMY!!



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