Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma! My 100th post of 2010!!

And the winner of the giveaway
in honor of my Grandmother Jesse's 89th birthday is:

Happy Birthday to Grandma Jessie!

4/16/10 12:27 PM

Congratulations Karla! I will send you an email and you have 48 hours to get back to me to claim your prize! Thanks so much for participating everyone!

Happy 100th bloggy post for 2010 for me!!!!!!! Yay!!! :) Thanks everyone for being such great bloggy friends!!!

Anyway, now that all the excitement is over..time for a GREAT prize I just decided to give away!!!

Oh, the prize? Well, in honor of the final days of Ultimate Blog Party 2010, my 100th post of 2010, and in honor of my GRANDMOTHER turning 89 years old today!!

I Love you Grandma Jessie!

I will be entering all the people (United States & Military locations only, sorry!) who wish my Grandmother a Happy Birthday wish in the comment section by MIDNIGHT on Saturday night (April 17th) into a drawing! Whatcha gettin'??
Well, you get to receive a wonderful box in the mail from ME!

What's inside? Glad you asked! One blessed winner will receive:
  1. 3 full size makeup products (Almay,Physicians Formula)
  2. 3 brand new, Hallmark greeting cards
  3. Bic highlighters 5 pack
  4. 2 pack size of One a Day Women's Drink mix
  5. Pink bath pouf
  6. A new Garnier Nurtitioniste Skin Renew tester (lasts forever)
  7. 1 Thermacare Heatwrap for neck or wrist
  8. Reach total care toothbrush
  9. Reach total care floss
  10. Dove travel size deodorant
  11. Sally Hansen foxy Silver Nail color
  12. Princess Livia cleansing gel (face)
  13. Radiance skin samples
  14. John Frieda Samples
  15. GRACE Philosophy perfumed body emulsion sample
  16. GLADE apple cinammon candle tin (yum!)
  17. Neutrogena full size facial bar soap
  18. Neutrogena comforting butter hand cream
  19. 2oz of PHILOSOPHY Coconut Frosting shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath
  20. Tommy Girl purse size cologne (larger than sample size!)
Over $50 worth of GOODIES, just for you!
Remember: You must send my Grandma a Birthday message in the comment section to be entered. Entries before 11:59p.m. on Saturday Night will be entered!
Want an extra chance to win? After commenting with birthday love, you can get up to 3 additional entries by doing any/all of the following....

  • If you BLOG about this giveaway on your blog and post the LINK in a NEW comment, you can get one extra entry!
  • If you follow my blog (follow link is in my sidebar), you can get one more entry!
  • If you post ANOTHER comment and tell me WHY you want this box, you can have another entry!!
That is 4 possible Entries!
Drawing will be randomly done online.
Here is a picture of the goodies!!

Good Luck and Happy Birthday Grandma!


  1. Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie! I hope your days are filled with love, laughter and fun!

  2. Ooh, and I would really love to win this because I can use that Thermacare heat wrap. Hurt my upper back and neck last week and still am struggling with the pain!

  3. I'd love to win your goodie box! I see several items I could use to restock my gift box (when I need a little something special to give as a gift). And there are several very practical things I could use myself, as well! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. It was great to have you visit my blog!

    Wishing your beautiful grandmother a very happy birthday! I sure hope I look that wonderful at 89 years young!

    i am a follower now, but am not entering the giveaway! Just wanted to visit and leave a comment!

    Have a blessed week!

  5. Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie! Just for the record, I facebooked a Happy Birthday message prior to accidentally stopping here! This is awesome Tracey...are you still doing the challenge? I am going to begin immediately and if you can do it, so can I. Thanks for the incentive and all your blessings over the years. You are one of a kind and I am sure you get alot of those attributes from your granny! Love and Best Wishes.
    Cheri Bungart

  6. Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie! I hope you have a wonderful 89th year followed by many more years full of blessings. Sending you love and well wishes.

  7. And I would love to win the goodies because there's a little of everything: some for me and plenty to share! What a fun idea Tracey...I love following your blog!

  8. Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie!! Hope your birthday is wonderful!!

  9. Says Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie. I hope all your dreams come true. Best wishes always. Take care. Hugs, Gabby

  10. Well I can't enter(I'm Canadian) but I want to wish yourGrandma Happy Birthday, anyways. And let you know that I have followed your blog almost from the beginning and loved it, even when it didn't work out quite the way you planned it and even though it just makes me annoyed sometimes seeing all the great deals my southern neighbours manage to get... grrrr... LOL.
    Looking forward to the next 100!

  11. Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie!!

    And thank you Tracey for stopping by for the party!

  12. Just wanted to wish your Grandmother a very happy birthday. I hope to have as many in my life!

  13. zacnjac@yahoo.com4/20/10, 12:03 PM

    Wishing your grandma a happy happy birthday

  14. Happy Birthday to you, Grandma Jessie!!! You look fabulous; wish that I may be as beautiful as you at 89. Wishing you a wonderful year!
    What a great idea to celebrate a birthday with a giveaway; perhaps that's something I can incorporate into my own life (although not through a blog, since I don't have one - LOL)!



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