Thursday, February 18, 2010

New FREE Full-Page Photo Books!

Hip2Save Just posted this awesome deal: (thanks!)

Woo Hoo! Beginning today, Hot Prints is offering FREE photo books with full-page photo layouts (even better than the photo books I posted previously); they have also introduced several new themes including a baby and wedding theme! Keep in mind that if you have already created a photo book this month, then you may not be able to create another until March.

How can they afford to do this? Well, they actually have advertisers sponsor the books. They sponsor the books by putting paper advertisements in the shipment of the Hotbook…. but no worries, there will be NO ads attached to the Hotbook!

Ready to get started?
Just go on over here to create your FREE Hotbook! Click on the “Make Your Own HotBook” link on the right hand side. You’ll then need to either login or register. After doing so, you’ll be able to start creating your FREE book!

I absolutely LOVE photo freebies like this… having to NOT even pay shipping is so awesome! Please note that the delivery process may take longer than expected.


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