Thursday, June 4, 2009


What's my kid smiling for? She's excited about this.........

Is your student an "A" student? Want to encourage them and reward them for their hard work this year? Of course you do!!

According to Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? blog, there are LOTS of potential programs to reward your child. I say potential, because, let's face it, lots of businesses make up their own policy as they go! Soooo, while these look good, just be sure to CALL the business up and CONFIRM these programs are in place before you get excited (or get that student excited!). Once you find one or two.. or ALL of them, give me a shout back here and let us all know what worked for you, and what didn't. I'll report from my area.

Thanks so much to Amy!! You Rock Amy!

Please visit her page HERE to see the list.
Krispy Kreme, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A just to name a few!

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