Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review: The Fight by Luke Wordley


  The Fight, by Luke Wordley, is a highly engaging novel about the emotional struggles of a young man who thinks he has lost everything. Sam Pennington is facing a hardened life after losing his father, his home and slowly his mother to her drinking. Sam fights his loss with anger, striking out at anyone who gets in his way. Facing trouble at school for his violent behavior, Sam is almost too lost to be saved....but God has other plans. 

     Sam is taken in by a local boxing club when the club's trainer sees that Sam needs help, and that he wants to learn to box. Jerry, the trainer, is a Christian man who sees Sam is hurting and reaches out to him. In a series of struggles, God's timing and a whirlwind of life events, the two men race toward the book's climax with great intensity and passion. Each one must face their demons in order to escape potential loss and destruction. 
      I was easily captivated by the story and found myself really engaged with the many characters and lives being entwined with one another. This story was such a great example of the inner struggle many of us have when faced with choices that may conflict with God's desires for our life. A great, action-packed story that centers on the gritty, hard truths that life can throw at us, and the amazing redemption that we are offered. 

     I recommend this book for both men and women, and think it is appropriate for most young adults as well. There is violence as well as some addictive and criminal mature subject matter, so adult discretion for younger readers is advised. However, I do think that this story can really give a great message and will have appeal to young men (and ladies as well!), especially those who are interested in sports and understand the raw, often violent feelings that can overwhelm. A strong message of inner peace, redemption and the absolute need for God is all here for the reader to receive. Jump into the ring with Sam and Jerry, you'll be glad you did!

 This book, The Fight, was provided to me by Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my review.

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