Friday, June 24, 2011

WOW! $5 Bounty Facebook Coupon!! Friday ONLY 6/24/11

This was seen on Bounty's Facebook Page:

Fans, we heard you loud and clear and have some great news! We will be doing TWO 5,000 $5 coupon drops tomorrow. The first 5,000 will be given between 8-10am EST and the second 5,000 between 10am-1pm EST. That’s 10,000 $5 coupons! Remember, it’s first come, first serve on both instances and they will go quickly. Thanks and see you all tomorrow!

  WOW! Be sure to get on Bounty's page tomorrow and let me know if you get a coupon!!!

Go HERE to visit Bounty's Facebook Page
Remember to hang out TOMORROW, Friday June 24th!!


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