Saturday, January 15, 2011

Corks & Colors Studios...Kid session only $10!!

WOW! I LOVE this deal! Right now, through LIVING SOCIAL (a half-price daily deal group) you can get a Corks and Colors Studios painting session for your kids for only $10 each!! This is awesome because they get to go to the class, create a masterpiece and have fun..then bring it home to display on a nice canvas!! This makes a perfect birthday gift for one of their friends as well. They can plan a date in the future (the deal is good for a year) and go together to create their masterpieces! I love this deal because $10 for a really fun time and a nice artistic piece to be proud of is a great deal in my book (and I'm a deal diva!). Sure, I can go buy a canvas, some cheap paints and a brush, set up the canvas at home, pretend to be an art teacher and achieve the same similar o.k. results, but it will still cost me at least $6-$8 bucks at minimum..without the fun class experience! Actually, I think to do it right, it would cost more in materials alone. I know my daughter loves art, she loves to paint and she adores doing activities like this, so this is a YES! in our budget!
The nice part? They have the adult classes for only $17!! If I had a friend to go with, I would do this too.. it sounds so fun!
Corks & Colors is a new to Gainesville business, so why not check out the deal if you are local and get a couple for you and a friend, or just for your kids. The deal is good today only, so Hurry! Check it out HERE.

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